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Example sentences for terra cotta

The upscale setting features wrought iron chandeliers, distressed terra cotta walls, white linens and a fireplace.
The casual setting features terra cotta--style walls, simple wood furnishings and a sampling of beer and wine.
The setting features high ceilings, palm trees, bamboo chairs and distressed terra cotta walls.
The cream-colored setting includes distressed terra cotta walls, hanging plants, white tablecloths and chandeliers.
The rustic decor highlights distressed terra cotta walls, creaky hardwood floors and upstairs dining.
The restaurant features cherry-wood furnishings, terra cotta-style walls, white tablecloths and sidewalk dining.
The church features a terra cotta tile roof, which replaced an earlier stone roof.
The two dining rooms include terra cotta walls, exposed brick, white tablecloths and wine cask-lined walls.
Each of the bays is terminated by a segmental arch that corresponds with elaborate terra cotta ornament.
It is distinguished by the quality of its terra cotta and marble detailing, and by its well-proportioned composition.
The walls will be terra cotta for a height of two stories and above that brick trimmed with terra cotta.
It has a flat roof, brick walls, and a notable collection of glazed terra cotta ornamentation.
So the preservation team decided to replace the stucco with terra cotta.
White terra cotta paneling faces the first story of the north and east elevations and also accents corners of the wings.
Terra cotta is used throughout the building exterior to embellish and complement the press brick.
He said it would be unfortunate to landmark this building simply for its terra cotta fa├žade.
The terra cotta of the two sections matches exactly in design and color and appears to have been made by the same manufacturer.
Either they had a full time staff constantly cleaning its exterior, or its terra cotta skin was more resistant to particulates.
The local bicycle dealer had two, one terra cotta and one lime green.
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