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It is the fashion nowadays, for instance, to explain all social unrest in terms of economic conditions.
It lists the conditions under which you're borrowing and the terms under which you agree to pay back the loan.
Artists have been trying to come to terms with photography's implications ever since.
In any case these two terms, at present, keep on fighting for space.
But his technology was able to rise to the top in terms of desirability in the eyes of many people.
He resisted efforts to make him a king and established the precedent that no one should serve more than two terms as president.
In my book archaeologists are way under-rated in terms of their importance and relevance to modern life.
Your guilt and your politically correct terms keep us divided and set apart.
Ours was the first society openly to define itself in terms of both spirituality and of human liberty.
We can only use comparative terms, however, in speaking of the peaceful years.
Additional terms govern the purchase and redemption of gift vouchers.
But the people have spoken-they want two terms for city office-holders.
It is difficult to measure the planet and people accounts in the same terms as profits-that is, in terms of cash.
Although the terms are often used interchangeably, they are different.
All they will concede is that, under its terms, the government is within its rights to ask for talks.
Surely this article breaches the spirit of this dubious piece of legality if not the actual technical terms as such.
In terms of individual occupations, plant and machine operators are increasingly sought-after.
In terms of size and population, each is a continent-and for all the glittering growth rates, a poor one.
In nominal terms, the value of the yen is hitting new highs.
In real terms, the rise in retail sales last year was the biggest for over two decades.
Only then was it recast in less fleeting terms: as a multiple of the wavelength of a particular type of light.
Fossil fuels exact the biggest toll in terms of lives lost.
In modern terms, this sort of system is best described in terms of sets, using so-called set-builder notation.
In quantum-mechanical terms, in fact, the phonon is not confined to either diamond.
Elements in a column bear close resemblances to each other in terms of their chemical properties.
There are no surprises in terms of overall ambition.
The one thing that seems consistent with you deniers is your inability to grasp the terms global and climate.
Reporters often do not understand the terms that they use.
If you are looking for social sciences, there is no ranking in any of those lists in terms of the social sciences.
Neither is there one in terms of a specific social science.
Write down unfamiliar terms and look up their meanings.
The country is by far the largest in the world in terms of area.
Two terms in particular get college lawyers nervous.
Again, it depends on what the split is in terms of who does what.
It's an approach that may succeed in terms of high efficiency but at the expense of vitality.
Use the terms and concepts you learned about in chapter eleven.
But as quickly as new words are adopted, outdated techie terms must be discarded.
The timing makes sense in terms of announcements and future plans.
It doesn't mean anything in public health in terms of reducing harm at the population level.
Architecture has been defined in terms of one activity, and that activity is adding to the world.
It's one of the few psychological terms in education that links students, teachers and content.
But in terms of making the movie, it never comes up.
There are so many special terms specific to the industry that a specialist is needed for this task.
He kind of came to terms with some things in his life.
These and other terms used to in relation to humidity are defined at the bottom of this page.
He was held without bail for allegedly violating terms of his probation for a previous drug offense.
Thinking in spatial terms is essential to knowing and applying geography.
Simply memorizing terms and place locations can be tedious and even boring.
Here are some terms you might hear when researching and planning your guided trip.
But, in absolute terms, the gulf between rich and poor is still telling.
Actions can be evaluated in terms of how much pleasure they produce.
It is true that people don't always understand all the terms in their credit card contracts or mortgages.
The problem is, it is almost never the tricky hidden terms of those loans that get people into trouble.
For all the debate about the law in this decision, the debate about the terms under discussion has been close to nonexistent.
Much of it is way over my head in terms of the specifics of government programs and the ability to cut them.
It also tells us that, in terms of electability, there's not a whole lot of separation among the second tier of candidates.
In tech terms, coffee is data rich, bursting with sensory information that taste alone can't process.
They do know what humans are by now, and they do some amazing stuff cognitively in terms of dealing with humans.
Time of day, the specific terms and language used in the tweet, and the topics raised are important too.
Water-splitting solar panels would have important advantages over existing technologies in terms of hydrogen production.
Newt was choosing to go to the moon, and yet did so in terms utterly lacking in wonder.
Many people don't know the terms of their mortgage or the interest rate they're paying.
Al-Shaykh writes in the prologue that this book is largely an attempt to come to terms with that decision.
Living with animals means coming to terms with who they are and what makes them tick.
It must race through its databases, find relevant search terms, and pick out the right response with a high level of confidence.
It is a unique object in terms of size and output, which is not the way my scientific inclinations tend to go.
He discusses the policy relevance of scientific illiteracy in terms of global warming and biotechnology.
Visualizing a recording this way lets you describe the music in terms of geometric shapes instead of as a bunch of frequencies.
Where military intelligence is not a contradiction in terms.
However, it could well be the costliest in terms of money.
When his life is put into basic terms, he has nothing to live for and all he wants to do is either become a human or die.
It's really the biggest event there is in terms of nations.
In presidential terms, plagiarism is not high among the list of vices.
She called an attorney, whose first question was whether she was satisfied with the terms of her inheritance.
But it is absolutely within its period in terms of shape and accessories.
Even with these, however, there is almost always an eventual payback in terms of reduced bills.
The school offers few frills in terms of electives and tends to stick to the basics in terms of extracurricular activities.
But the change is historic, in terms of the information and awareness it introduces into previously closed areas.
Lifetime risk may also be discussed in terms of the probability of developing or of dying from cancer.
Terms not defined herein should have their ordinary meaning within the context of their use.

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