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Example sentences for tenured

The grad students were mostly on board, but the tenured faculty were more hesitant.
Your federally funded and tenured academic world is quite attractive to us dust busters.
Joe is an internationally respected geologist, tenured, and well funded.
Faculty may be unwilling to antagonize a tenured colleague on behalf of a student who won't be around either way.
If power corrupts, life-tenured power corrupts more completely.
They live in poverty suck up to professors, and publish, for one must publish to be tenured.
As matters stand, one measure of a university's prestige is how little teaching is asked of its tenured professors.
After four years away from the university, his tenured professorship is at risk.
There are other advantages to having non-tenured professors.
Equally unsurprisingly, only about half end up with the jobs they entered graduate school to get: tenured professorships.
The decline of full-time tenured positions goes hand in hand with a decline in the quality of education.
Look at the tenured colleagues to your left and right.
Administrators are hardly malicious in their quest for more part-timers at the expense of full-time tenured faculty.
And she is convinced that she would still be teaching there if she had been tenured.
Tenured faculty jobs offer job security for college presidents and are increasingly offered as a hiring perk.
If they are not tenured, then a note to the chair and dean is great describe why you think that they are so great.
But the life of a tenured professor is still too swell for some older faculty members to leave voluntarily.
Longest-tenured play-by-play announcers in college basketball.
Most of these will be tenured or tenure track faculty.
Younger workers were more likely than older workers to be short-tenured employees.
The failure of tenured teachers to maintain standards must be proved by the administration.
The newly tenured scientists will be featured in the coming weeks.
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