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It is both rare and dependent, the last tenuous piece on a whirring mobile of coastal life.
Dugongs are now legally protected throughout their range, but their populations are still in a tenuous state.
Even the presence of an tenuous atmosphere had only been discovered two years prior.
Gardens of monkey flower and cave primrose take tenuous hold in aired-out alcoves wet from seeps.
The report appears designed to promote the tenuous concept that invasive giant snakes are a national threat.
And they were also harvesting something less tangible: a newfound, tenuous harmony.
Not to mention that, as with any term newly in vogue, open source is often invoked on tenuous grounds.
As to the relationship between that and your habits in thoughts and actions, that is pretty tenuous.
The lines connecting these disparate findings are still tenuous, but studies are continuing to bring in new data.
And on and on that our current level of scientific knowledge only has tenuous possible ideas about, if any.
Now that our troops are practicing what he preached, after years of failure we're finally seeing some tenuous results.
What that would mean for the region's tenuous security balance, already deeply uncertain, is anybody's guess.
When he is holding a pen, his right hand appears to have only an awkward, tenuous grasp on it.
Conditions in the industry are so tenuous, if one goes down, it could bring the others with it.
Unfortunately, the prospects for controlling costs are tenuous.
But taken together they appear less tenuous, though still far from robust enough confidently to claim discovery.
For this there is only tenuous empirical support when interest rates are close to zero.
But he notes that data are elusive, and that the link between law and reality is often tenuous.
The theological basis for this doctrine is pretty tenuous at best, and it certainly isn't compelling to the faithful.
The vehicle is a perfect symbol of the family's tenuous grip on reality: only the third and fourth gears are functioning.
Given the mudslinging that is widely expected from all sides, this is a tenuous proposition.
It emerges as tenuous biography with epic pretensions.

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