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The clouded leopards are making a quick rise in the ranks, climbing from tenth to fourth in two days.
Radio broadcasting is celebrating its tenth anniversary this week.
He is currently about to be elected to his tenth term, something that is not exceptional in this small place.
The real fact is that this is not the first, the tenth, the hundredth major scandal involving intercollegiate sports.
Deaths resulting from alcohol-related motor-vehicle accidents are one-tenth the average for same-age peer groups.
They should have went to a community college, spent a tenth of the money and came out with a marketable degree.
Most faculty use about a tenth of the available technology resources, mostly out of apathy.
For an economy that relies on tourism for nearly a tenth of its income, the gruesome headlines are painful.
Two astronomers claim to have found evidence of a tenth planet orbiting the sun.
Developing-country workers who are paid a tenth of rich-country wages usually turn out to be about a tenth as productive as well.
He expects it to handle around one-tenth of the funds that return.
He admits that he simply guesses how much he has earned each month and declares a tenth as much.
By the show's tenth and final room, they are stepping on his face, the floor a wall-to-wall image of his likeness.
Private donations account for only about a tenth of charitable spending.
For example, one-tenth of an inch of rainfall would actually fill an inch of the measuring tube.
Runes went out of use during the ninth and tenth centuries.
It will be easily contrived to procure the opposition of one-tenth of the people to any alteration, however judicious.
The fibers of the optic nerve receive their medullary sheaths about the tenth week after birth.
Today, the technology produces less than one tenth of one percent of global energy demand.
Desert locust plagues may threaten the economic livelihood of one-tenth of the world's humans.
Only about a tenth of that original habitat remains.
At nearly four stories tall, the world's largest model rocket was only a tenth the size of a real rocket.
But the microscopic organic globules that make up about one-tenth of one percent of the object appear to be far older.
We are trying to do biology knowing perhaps only a tenth, or one hundredth, of our species.
If played in real time, these segments would be about one-tenth of a second long.
If you add up all the visible matter in galaxies today, you get only about a tenth of the total endowment created by the big bang.
They then cooled the system down to temperatures below one-tenth of a kelvin.
Turns out drivers knew they needed to slow down more than a tenth of a second before they tap the brakes.
But table salt is usually only about a tenth of a persons sodium intake.
These chips suffer only one tenth the energy leakage that bedeviled their predecessors, which gives them longer battery life.
These kinds of impressions from facial appearance can be formed after as little as one tenth of a second exposure to faces.
Our goal on this tenth anniversary is to stimulate personal memories.
Last month, the figure shrank by one tenth of one percentage point.
Then again, the talented tenth of a tenth could also embrace crude rent-seeking, leaving the economy in ruins.
If that grade could be obtained while reading a tenth of the books on the syllabus, so much the better.
That's three cents per word, about one-tenth of what a writer would get from a frugal magazine or newspaper.
So it didn't much matter that the story itself seemed far-fetched and tenth-hand.
In that tenth winter of your exile the cold never letting go of you.
The supply of mature oysters is down to one-tenth of the normal amount.
Right now the figure is less than one tenth of that.
His lungs were normal, but his left tenth rib--one of those near the bottom of the rib cage--was fractured.
Two of its chirps are separated by a tenth of a second.
In effect, this means that tall people are living in the past, if only by a tenth of a second.
It can take a tenth of a second for this conversation in our brains to produce our perception of the space around us.
The snails probably survive because of their small size, averaging less than a tenth of an inch in length, and compact shells.
Stars in globular clusters, however, have less than a tenth the metal abundance of the sun.
For the population as a whole, the risk is far, far less-a tenth of a percent.
Oddly enough, a half-moon is only one-tenth as bright as a full moon.
It took them an extra tenth of a second to press the key.
The one on the left is one-tenth of a micrometer thick and is made of a porous support with a thin coating of the membrane.
They send the power only one tenth the distance with fewer losses and much lower maintenance.
Or put another way, it could allow for reactors one-tenth the size, he says.
They can be a tenth the size and weight of comparable magnets but equally strong.

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