tentatively in a sentence

Example sentences for tentatively

Some genes have even been linked, tentatively, to these conduct disorders.
Two more chimpanzee teeth were later found at the site, an upper incisor and a tooth tentatively identified as a molar.
For all these questions the rumor mill provided answers, but tentatively.
In fact, new plants are on the way, however tentatively.
One might also reach, a bit tentatively, for the notion of animal spirits.
So, more tentatively, does the health-service reform he finally got under way in his second term.
Now it seems, tentatively, to be flexing a few muscles of its own.
She can be a cautious singer, and she started tentatively here.
After a decade of painful decline, manufacturing is tentatively adding jobs.

Famous quotes containing the word tentatively

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If I had not come to America, where I felt free to formulate tentatively insights at which I had empathical... more
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