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They may come whole, or cleaned and separated into tubes and tentacles.
In a group round the mouth were sixteen slender, almost whiplike tentacles, arranged in two bunches of eight each.
Bring confidence upon the algae and the tentacles of the soul.
Each one has a little cup with a mouth and a ring of tentacles.
Lacking a skeleton, the animal can take any number of forms and can move its tentacles in any direction.
If using fresh squid, gently pull off the head and tentacles from the body sac.
They can manipulate things pretty well with tentacles and suction pads.
Dismembered tentacles mope in the attic listening to punk music.
When activated it shoots out sticky tentacles which hold on and stretch to absorb kinetic energy.
But its speculative tentacles reach deeper, inspiring user-generated music videos as well as songs from superstars.
His tentacles extend across large swathes of the economy.
The drugs money fuels the gangs, whose tentacles reach into local politics.
Other tentacles are also being extended across borders.
Instead of local governments setting their own taxes, they became tentacles of the state octopus.
The tentacles of the political establishment are all too visible in the new shiny parties as well as the discredited old ones.
Octopus tentacles recoil when he prods them: proof they have been freshly killed.
They sting fish and other prey with tentacles armed with hollow, harpoonlike filaments that deliver toxic venom.
All jellyfish sting, but the stings of small specimens and those with short tentacles often are not painful to humans.
The second unknown squid lost its tentacles in the trawl net.
Anchor coral, also called hammer coral, have anchor-shaped ends to their tentacles.
Squid are usually characterized by eight long arms and two modified shorter arms called tentacles.
Squid are known by their eight arms and two long feeding tentacles.
The expanded nostrils end with fanlike flourishes, and the tip of the eel's lower jaw terminates with three tentacles.
They survived solely by eating microscopic animals trapped by their stinging tentacles.
Equipped with grasping tentacles, the nautiloids were effective predators.
They caught food using tentacles armed with microscopic stinging cells.
The ribbon eel has a unique appearance: trumpetlike nostrils and a lower jaw with three tentacles.
Guides climb the stacks and insert the plastic tentacles from air pumps.
The strange invertebrate creeps forward on its many tentacles while sweeping sediments filled with tiny critters into its mouth.
Census of world's sea life tallies up tentacles of surprises.
As an example of an animated underwater scene, a giant squid waves its tentacles, bubbles float up and clown fish swim by.
Skeletal tentacles of dark dust can be seen extending beyond the small galaxy's disk of starlight.
The neurons extend meandering tentacles, seeking connections with other cells.
She begins with a deformed sphere and adds some connection points which can later develop into tentacles or other features.
The firm takes proper pride in its teamwork, its expertise, and its tentacles of alums in powerful positions all over the globe.
The media has too many tentacles now, and if you try to control it, you will fail.
Their friendly tentacles were wrapped securely and invisibly around him.
And others are exciting because they involve a worm with tentacles on its head.
It was either a predator or a scavenger, grabbing small, soft-bodied animals with its long tentacles.
Each squid, as it's captured, frantically tries to free its tentacles from the hooks by emitting great jets of water.
The males give chase, ramming each other in the sides and grappling with their tentacles.
The snail liked it when the violets were watered, waving its tentacles in apparent delight as it descended to the saucer to drink.
Instead of a vast expanse of broad water, there is a main channel with hundreds of tentacles.
My tentacles run deep into pockets of many professional athletes and celebrities.
Dot the tentacles with marker to represent zooxanthellae and place polyp in carton.
But now the long tentacles of environmental change are wrapping around this important fishery.
Sea anemone with tentacles extended for nighttime feeding.
The sea anemone has tentacles with stinging cells that allow it to stun its prey.
Corals are simple animals which feed on floating microscopic sea life by capturing them on outstretched tentacles.
Small planktonic jellyfish with bright green-fluorescent tentacles.
It has a wet, slippery body and has tentacles near its mouth.
The tentacles are used to pull its body forward to look for food.
Here, he is shown as an octopus fastening his tentacles on the globe.
These shrimp advertise their cleaning station by waving their white tentacles.
Ext ending from their shell of calcium carbonate is their head, with four tentacles, and a muscular foot for crawling.
Tentacles tipped with a sticky substance attract and catch their prey.

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