tentacled in a sentence

Example sentences for tentacled

From inward-looking, tentacled conglomerates, many transformed themselves into global firms focused on particular markets.
Hypnotic sessions prompt memories of steel medical instruments, tentacled aliens, and an operating table.
His were about distant planets, with tentacled forms of life and violent warfare.
Jersey, followed by descriptions of tentacled aliens emerging from spaceships, brandishing and firing weapons at humans.
Many animals depend on stealth to catch prey, but a small tentacled water snake resorts to downright trickery.
These corals feed by extending their tentacled polyps into the water from delicate branches that rise above the bottom.
New species of eight-tentacled octopus with wide arm suckers.

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An oblong puddle inset in the coarse asphalt; like a fancy footprint filled to the brim with quicksilver; like a spatula... more
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