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None of us were particularly good at tennis-or at golf, either, for that matter.
Harry had a bookish appearance but excelled at tennis, football, gymnastics and other sports.
The same holds for picking which tennis player is likely to win a match.
No matter how you turn a tennis ball, it does not alter the ball's appearance.
It's akin to a hundred tennis players serving a ball to you and you return everyone with with a quick effortless ease.
Even a jog in high heels was better for joints than specialized tennis shoes.
She is average at her high school work and she is involved in school tennis in summer and netball in winter.
They care no more about evolution than they do about the history of tennis rackets.
For hundreds of years eyewitnesses have reported brief encounters with the golf ball- to tennis ball-size orbs of electricity.
The same universal laws seems to govern player rankings in sports as diverse as tennis, fencing, snooker and many others.
Indeed, various researchers have applied it to ranking in sports such as tennis and soccer.
Amusing contretemps on the tennis court come to mind as a favorite offering.
From the office window, he pointed to the tennis court and lawns of the estate next door.
My first thought was to somehow model a tennis serve.
It's actually an advanced piece of robotics that won't fetch a tennis ball.
If you owned this gaming console, you could enjoy the ultimate video tennis experience.
Life remained low-key within the weekend retreat for decades: tennis and badminton by day, cookouts on the beach at night.
It was early evening, and bats flitted through floodlights that illuminated a tennis court.
He'd be playing it, sipping, and playing tennis at the country club.
Inside, the main corridors are as wide as tennis courts and two blocks long.
He likes to receive visiting dignitaries on the new tennis courts that are the pride of his fiefdom.
Most tennis prodigies, by contrast, play tennis at the exclusion of pretty much everything else.
Tennis fans see it all the time: matches are put on hold because a player complained of a cramp.
They built sprawling houses complete with swimming pools, tennis courts and dance floors.
At the table tennis, for instance, the athletes tend to wear shapeless shirts with shorts of a distressingly outdated fashion.
And when they asked her to imagine playing tennis, the regions that trigger motion joined in.
Outdoor tennis and basketball courts are conveniently located throughout the city.
Tennis programs are offered during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

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