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Suppose a tree falls in the forest, and takes crashing down with it one of the tenets of ecology.
Its existence has long been known, primarily because of surviving anti-heretical works that denounce its tenets.
The realization seemed to defy one of the central tenets of a successful raft trip.
The river pollution has challenged some of the basic tenets of aboriginal life.
The nature and depth of the financial crisis is forcing us to reconsider some of the basic tenets of financial theory.
They have societies to cabal and correspond at home and abroad for the propagation of their tenets.
These people already don't have any real scientific arguments against the basic tenets of the science.
Some of their tenets are a bit vague surrounding what they consider acceptable fruits and vegetables.
Hopefully, these three tips shed a little light on some basic marketing tenets.
In some cases, that means introducing the basic tenets of intelligent design.
And he challenges us to rethink some of the basic tenets of our culture.
Economic tenets are only solid until proven otherwise.
Such a demand also goes against the tenets of academic freedom, the letter says.
They want you to affirm the basic tenets of their faith.
The use of notes and marginalia are essential tenets of active reading.
Within the world of those who take play seriously, there are multiple camps, each with its own dearly held tenets.
It helps to keep the tenets of recycling forefront in people's everyday lives.
It includes practice, and acting in accord with the tenets of the conviction.
One of the basic tenets of science is that it is open to challenge.
What it does require is the application of a few basic tenets.
One of the central tenets of modern medicine is that the earlier your doctor can catch a disease, the better.
Fundamentalism is dogmatic insistence on core tenets of a belief system.
Science can destroy religion by ignoring it as well as by disproving its tenets.
Something believed or accepted as true, especially a particular tenet or a body of tenets accepted by a group of persons.
Rather logic in theology is usually heavily biased and based on an attempt to justify faith in certain tenets.
They all draw on the same predictable tenets of his limited makeup.
In fact, not doing so is against the tenets of science.
Therefor it becomes difficult to achieve advances in scientific knowledge while still constrained by those basic tenets.
People often pick and choose what religious tenets they believe in.
Religion, on the other hand, has been forced to redefine its basic tenets in light of scientific progress.
One of the tenets of craft bartending is the use of fresh juices.
Several tenets of its fight are polemical and undeniably quixotic.
It is the premise, for example, of one of the favorite tenets of the outsider faith: term limits.
But one of the tenets of civil disobedience is that you accept that you're breaking the law and accept the consequences.
People raised in a religion tend to accept the tenets of that religion, often without independent examination.
The individual mandate, one of the law's key tenets, has been struck down by federal courts.
One of the fundamental tenets of quantum mechanics is that measuring a physical system always disturbs it.
But the individual mandate is one of the reform's main tenets.
They found that none of the tenets of good corporate governance stood up to close examination.
One would expect faith based organizations to be among primary givers to the poor- if charity is one of their central tenets.
Often the underlying tenets of religions may be similar, but the focus becomes the container rather than what is contained.
Because it spotlights individual achievement in a team sport, it can undermine the basic tenets taught by coaches.
Not requiring every eligible voter to vote is contrary to the fundamental tenets of democracy.

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