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My jaw and facial muscles are almost always sore and tender.
In fact, he was more often lyrical and tender: instead of scraggy crows, soft-footed cats.
Saute alligator meat in a small amount of olive oil until tender, and set aside.
It was tender without being mushy-almost velvety-with a lightly nutty flavor.
The musk strawberry has mottled brownish red or rose-violet skin, and tender white flesh.
Giraffes' long necks are perfectly suited to harvesting tender leaves beyond the reach of other herbivores.
TV and computer screens were alight, airplanes were aloft and cash machines were dispensing legal tender.
For there is often a monstrous incongruity between the hopes, however noble and tender, and the actions that follows them.
She hints that more stress should be placed at this tender age on language and social skills than on reading and writing.
The trouble often starts with the way contracts are awarded, typically by tender.
The operations will be conducted as fixed rate tender procedures with full allotment.
However, the government never set up tender contests to pick its corporate partners, encouraging corruption.
The trend in this decade has been towards smaller, quicker missions kept to rigorous price-caps, with designs put out to tender.
He wants to abolish laws on legal tender, so that investors can use whatever currency they want.
As a long snapper, he probably received the lowest tender.
People commonly clog it with some condition which makes it no tender in law.
But ripe fruit is even harder to find than tender leaves.
The chicken was as tender as the beef fajitas, but the big problem was lack of flavor.
The throbbing sensation in his arm had eased, and although his hand remained tender, he said the pain was subsiding.
If your genes can program you to feel tender emotions toward those kids, it works to your genes' selfish advantage.
Thanks to his tender ministrations, she had a case of strep throat that lasted upwards of six months.
Mule deer and other animals eat the tender plants that grow in its shade.
When the risotto is tender it should look soupy but not watery.
Reduce heat and simmer for one hour, until potatoes are tender.
Even the world's largest rodents can have a tender moment.
Everything about this photographic moment is tender.
Others were slightly more tender, asking parents and siblings to make offerings at the shrine or to remember them fondly.
Simple project to protect tender plants in winter.
Foam, plastic cups, or cardboard boxes will also protect the tender tips of columnar cactus if you're not a knitter.
The tender berry cake rises to the top, and the creamy lemon cake sinks to the bottom.
Tender, mild-flavored yellow wax beans bring premium prices at the market.
Fruit sauce makes a sweet-tart complement to a tender baked pancake.
Our version of the standard green salad is an airy stack of tender butter lettuce leaves with raw and cooked vegetables.
No matter--our plan is to harvest and preserve the hopefully-still-tender leaves first thing tomorrow.
Bake until peaches are tender and juices are thickened.
Any mix of seafood works well in this chewy-tender stew, served over quinoa.
Thin crêpes, made with a batter about the consistency of whipping cream, are tender and delicate.
Crunchy lemon-studded breadcrumbs top moist grilled trout and tender-crisp grilled radicchio in this tasty supper.
Thin and tender, the pancakes are rolled around a strawberry pink filling.
These tender, golden potatoes go well with any simple roasted meat or fish.
Apparently they used the new tender shoots and leaves in salads.
Any mix of seafood works well in this chewy-tender stew, which pairs beautifully atop nutritious quinoa.
Sweet corn, picked at the peak of ripeness, is paired here with tender chicken and creamy chunks of avocado.
Come home a bit late and you'll still be greeted with delicious, fork-tender cuts.
For its tender age, the division has outsized ambitions.
Her father's virtuous palace was the sanctuary of her innocence, and the school of her tender piety.
Ere the last snow-drift melts your tender buds have blown.
Try out one pound fat salt pork cut in pieces, and cook chicken slowly in fat until tender and well browned.
Wash and clean a calf's head, and cook until tender in boiling water to cover.
Old beets will never be tender, no matter how long they may be cooked.
Venison comes relatively unadorned, in dapper little rectangles that are tender and salty.
Honey-roasted chicken becomes exquisitely tender in the smoker.
Truffles inserted under the skin give the bird an earthy flavor, and the meat is tender and pungent.
He was tender toward the breed, regardless of partisan or ideological affiliation.
And so the reader comes to feel, and fear, for the characters in a way that is almost unbearably tender.
These wastes they repeopled with the delicate forms born of a half-tender, half-ironical and critical spirit.
He was tender to the animals with whom he lived so much.
Boil these in salt water with a little lemon juice until tender.
Shoveled into the water by workers in a small tender beside the pens, the silvery fish were fresh sardines.
The chicken features a crackling, herb-encrusted skin and moist, tender meat.
In a vast purge, he exiled or fired many of them, leaving wounds that remain tender to this day.
The herring was terrific--sweet and tender, it met with approval from everyone present.
He showed no paternal protectiveness of my sisters, no fear for their tender hearts.
And in the tender hands of caregivers who knew who you were and what you'd done.
At this play tender members of the audience will do well to plug their ears with cotton.
Investing in government tender used to be a high-wire act, the exclusive province of professionals executing leveraged arbitrages.
On a griddle pan or in a cast-iron skillet, grill the onion until tender.
As it turned out, the novel was actually surprisingly tender.
Next, a leisurely roast in the oven makes them fall-off-the-bone tender.
The light, tender crust provides a sublime foil for the deeply flavorful fruit.
Plunging the chicken into ice water after poaching ensures that the meat is perfectly juicy and tender.
But the main reason to grill is the result: a burnished mahogany-colored bird with tender, moist meat.
As in kitchens across the world, the military's goal for pasta is tender but firm.

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