tendentious in a sentence

Example sentences for tendentious

But this review can only be described as tendentious, biased, and misleading.
The continuing effort to conflate accusations, both false and true, is tendentious.
But, to his tendentious critics, none of that matters.
Yet the department's tendentious methods are open to challenge.
Several continued to work much later and do more than paint, but this is a tendentious affair, plausibly so.
Tear down the pulpy pile of farragoes and tendentious epigones.
Both, alas, soon gave in to tendentious theorising of their own.
The use of the word implies a tendentious distinction.
The books are, indeed, often tendentious and extreme.
The last three paragraphs are best described as collection of tendentious gibberish.
Several of them continued to work much later and do more than paint, but this is a tendentious affair, plausibly so.
Rudd's lecture is mostly tendentious silliness, which is no surprise.
It's a tendentious hour, but not an implausible one.
My main reservation is the tendentious nature of the editor's own role.
He is rarely subtle, often impolite, frequently tendentious and sometimes self-contradictory.
He can be obnoxious, tendentious and maddeningly self-contradictory.
Fish poses the global warming question in a tendentious way.
Into this tendentious landscape of bones stepped the molecular biologists.
Her broad anthropological and social conclusions, however, can sometimes be tendentious.
Sadly, it's easier to get elected by avoiding the subtleties of these questions, instead keeping it simple and tendentious.
The third category, a tendentious one, purports to show other countries' private thinking.
Yes, much of their output is tendentious, unbalanced or downright mendacious.
Perhaps there should have been more explanation, but the pictures are only tendentious in what they do not show.
Fascinating but tendentious, the book is only partly successful.
Historians were tendentious, and their judgments were not to be trusted.
Its selection and presentation of evidence is at times searching and at other times tendentious and misleading.
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