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And then there is my tendency to garden with plants that are on the edge of what my climate will allow.
There is a tendency for people to look at puppetry as a metaphor for manipulation, for taking away someone's will or autonomy.
And you will see that this tendency is reflected in our content.
Constant apprehension of war has the tendency to render the head too large for the body.
But their tendency to make mischief when misapplied along with other measures is great.
Even remedies of a right tendency have become discredited because of the failure of a timid and vacillating application of them.
Here he exhibited a tendency that would come to define him.
Miraculously, they retained it in a community and in a world whose easiest tendency was guns.
And yet set against this whole legacy is another tendency, equally as compelling.
We of the profession of education have had a strong tendency to welcome with open arms any and every new task offered us.
The naturally tendency is for people to eat more meat as calories become easier to obtain.
Now add an enormous amount of military and economic power and wealth onto that existing tendency, and you have a real problem.
The findings suggest that the tendency stems from head-tilting preferences established during the last weeks in the womb.
But past research has shown that the so-called hot hand is a myth, rooted in our tendency to see patterns where there are none.
Symptoms include excessive sleepiness, low energy, and a tendency to crave sweets and starchy foods.
The key appears to have been causing the atoms to attract one another, thus offsetting their natural tendency to disperse.
Nevertheless, a glance at your family tree may indicate whether you have a familial tendency toward longevity.
Something seems to be restraining the natural tendency of filoviruses toward genetic divergence.
Methane has a tendency to explode, which soon made this an urgent matter.
Honey also has a tendency to dry things out which may also help.
Yet entropy, the tendency of isolated systems to become more disordered, imposes a bias.
Patients under immunosuppression have a tendency to develop more tumors.
The stream of tendency in which all things seek to fulfil the law of their being.
The tendency to forget such words extends to all parts of speech.
We are only recognizing a fact and stating an obvious tendency.
They have a tendency to be more or less symmetrical on the two sides of the skull, and vary much in size.
It belongs to the widespread tendency whereby a part of speech jumps its category.
Worse, there is a growing tendency to translate the old names.
The snails' ability to move depends on water's tendency for its surface to resist disturbance.
The nickname arises from its tendency to swim close to the surface, raising its dorsal fin above the water.
With this rush to modernity came a corresponding tendency to jettison symbols of the island's heritage.
They both had a tendency to behave as though they were on a stage.
There are some caves that escape this tendency, perhaps due to regional artistic differences.
There was also a tendency to have panels on lots of different topics and themes but not as much cross-over.
In fact, the ability is so widespread it's likely that the bird's tendency to mimic sound is innate.
Physiology and evolutionary theory alike offer explanations for this tendency.
His tendency to look ahead to the next week or beyond didn't help.
Drivers have a tendency to zoom and then stop in this congested city.
Sitting in the back of a taxi, you have a tendency to let the taxi driver figure out where to go.
The robot's moniker came from its tendency to shake when the machine came to an abrupt stop.
Environmentalists sometimes have a tendency to take themselves a tad too seriously.
In my experience, this is a good way to encourage a dog's tendency to become finicky with food.
He doesn't go off-leash since his natural tendency is to go smelling and hunting.
Top concern is his hands, as he showed tendency early in his career to put the ball on the ground.
Has a tendency to gamble, which may give some coaches fits.
Business travel has a tendency to cause extra stress in its travelers.
Tendency is inherited, but improper shoes can exacerbate problem.
The tendency for cool, dense air to pool at the bottom of valleys also enhances valley fog.
In several cases, those who create gangster rap beats usually have a tendency to want to benefit from doing thus.
What is common across the country, however, is the tendency to preserve traditional techniques.
Meat is higher in a wholesale way, and there is a tendency to an advance in retail rates.
Of course, the tendency is always there in media democracies where having an opinion is often confused with being informed.
That's especially true for deans, they said, who seem to have a tendency to announce more than they should.
So natural selection has brought on a tendency to expel them spontaneously as it were.
There is a natural tendency in times of local or national economic distress to become inwardly focused.
As part of parent orientation, a fair amount of attention has been directed to efforts to ameliorate this tendency.
In other words, an ant's tendency to turn towards a pheromone deposit is related in a non-linear fashion to the concentration.
Some people have a tendency to tote tunes on their travels.
Not to mention a tendency for shady connections to less than stellar business backgrounds.
The researchers are close to solving the boxes' main weakness: a tendency to soften when wet.
Instead, the panel addressed such questions as the nature of emotion-the individual's tendency to be happy or angry.
One symptom of the disorder is a tendency to fixate on details.
It's an interesting bit of physicality that runs counter to our tendency to move everything into the cloud.
We have to rethink our tendency to be less rigorous about applying bioinstrumentation to the human body than drugs.
Highly radioactive substances have a tendency to form criticalities and explode.
Tendency is fostered by the universal acceptance of and the importance bestowed on,standardized tests.
Pilots have a tendency to focus on one set of instruments and ignore others.
Attacking the monetary power of the wealthiest reduces their tendency to have undue power over everyone else.
People left, right and center all have a tendency to disregard any science that conflicts with what they want to believe.
Democracies may thus have an innate tendency to run up budget deficits.
What these people actually share is a tendency for their ring fingers to be longer than their index fingers.
To get the treatment, poets need a distinctive voice and preferably a tendency to let it rise out of control.
They wanted to examine whether there was any relationship between an animal's social status and its tendency to get hooked.
There's a dangerous tendency to resort to protectionism when things get tough.
Whereas the natural tendency was for populations to grow without end, food supply would run up against the limit of finite land.
They have found that improving the diets of prisoners also reduces their tendency to behave badly.
The first failure, he said, was a tendency to run inaccurate or half-baked stories because of the pressure to deliver scoops.
Argentines, who have a tendency to self-pity, duly blamed it both for doing this-and for not doing it earlier.
Narrative, description and quotation illustrate a universal tendency to overfish and destroy.
Yet their tendency to bicker among themselves keeps letting others grab the toys.
Derivatives' tendency to magnify problems has led to calls for regulators to ban some types.
That, coupled with a tendency to freeze and lag when pulling up applications, is flummoxing.
Another moral quirk is the tendency to value human lives less when more of them are threatened.
Comatose patients have a tendency to vomit stomach contents into their lungs.
Rather, it's the tendency to duplicate that's inherited.
More worrisome is the grafts' tendency to leak blood around their seals.
There was a tendency for pairs that knew each other well to show more altruistic behavior than pairs that were unfamiliar.
Even though axons tug on the cortex, the tendency to buckle is countered by pressure from the internal structures.
Fat has what chemists call mouth-feel: a creamy texture and a tendency to melt onto the tongue.
But at the same time the firm has demonstrated a heretofore hidden tendency to put its foot in it.
The flip side was a fiery temper, and a tendency to perceive slights around every corner.
The latter crew had a tendency to check out prematurely.
He must fight strenuously to escape it, and the tendency of the bunker is always to pull him back.
Sometimes it is necessary to counter this tendency head-on.
He has a tendency to start speaking a moment or two after you expect him to, which gives him an aura of thoughtfulness.
But it was the family tendency toward addiction that wreaked damage of epic proportions.
In my father, this tendency was especially pronounced.
They never fought, and spent many happy hours together, but he was concerned by her tendency to buy too many clothes.
Similarly, actors need firm-handed directors to curb their excesses and to divert any tendency toward cuteness.
It also had its faults: a certain heavy-handedness, and a tendency for the characters to make speeches rather than utter dialogue.
And not surprisingly, for the natural tendency of the comic book is toward the outré.
Newsworthy events, however, have a tendency to occur at any hour.
Indeed, it's useful to flush out this tendency now, and subject it to debate.
My own car had a tendency to ignore stop signs without previously sensing the presence of bears.
And those sorts of operations have a tendency to go awry.
Without pictures-even with them-there is a tendency toward mythologizing.
You'll have a tendency to identify with your work this year.
Studies show that a tendency toward panic attacks, otherwise known as panic disorder, could be inherited.
Tame a tendency to be overly eager in group situations by inviting others to participate in physical sports.
Time became strange, and she had a tendency to feel lost and confused.
One need not be a dogmatist, a policeman of fallacies, to be troubled by this new tendency.
Perhaps a tendency toward adulation and loathing comes naturally with the weakness for great causes.
One is simply the familiar tendency to overstate, especially when writing about one's own work.
There is always a tendency to blame unpalatable measures on the king's ministers rather than on the king himself.
And for this reason, given his initial medical slant, the tendency always is towards a matter of welfare.
The tendency is then to mistake it for irrationality.

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