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Sometimes there is a temptation to ignore, work around, or race ahead of those professionals.
Scientists generally resist the temptation to project human emotions on animals.
Resist the temptation to intervene in disputes outside your expertise.
Now is the the time to shop for these and other winter interest plants at your local nurseries, but be prepared for temptation.
Gadget-loving dieters will soon have no excuse for giving in to temptation while traveling.
Resist the temptation to lean on the walls or touch rock art.
But failing to blind the coders opens a world of temptation that clearly should stay closed.
Nor are captives likely to suffer moral hazard-the temptation not to prevent or contain a loss.
The challenge of working at a travel magazine is resisting the constant temptation to travel.
At these prices, there's plenty of temptation for people to take advantage of the dead.
But when uncertainty increases substantially, the temptation is to freeze-to do nothing until the situation becomes clearer.
Finally, avoid the great temptation to take over the process.
Second, resist the temptation to justify why you want a particular level of compensation.
Led me not into temptation of your deceptions again.
Avoid the temptation to harvest your compost before it's finished.
Resist the temptation to try to conduct your negotiations by e-mail.
And above all, newspaper editors need to say no to the temptation to outsource business columns to cheaper, hungrier writers.
The broad selection of fancy new electronics will provide consumers plenty of temptation.
After a period of unemployment, the temptation to take any work at all can be strong.
Money was about to come flowing in, money and prestige and temptation and pressure.
Finally, resist the temptation to make your mark quickly.
Ditch the wall altogether, and you remove the temptation to scale it.
The economic temptation is strong: five times more soldiers suffer mental than physical wounds in war.
At the same time, you should resist the temptation to blame the dean for problems that lie within the department.
But any temptation to brag about successes should quickly be tempered by humility over two things.
The temptation may be to organize them around today's broad problem agendas.
The temptation in a downturn is to let prices slide to protect or increase market share.
Resist the temptation to use fancy fonts, cute typefaces or logos, and flashy paper to make your application stand out.
The temptation to leave for more profitable pastures can, however, be powerful.
The temptation is to go on at length, but resist that impulse.
However, the temptation has been to invest the proceeds elsewhere.
The temptation for the outside world is to declare victory and shift attention to other, bloodier, conflicts.
Ignore the temptation to revisit places that sing in your memory.
As you are dealing with anger and stress, avoid the academic temptation to try to manage it all inside your head.
The temptation the adjective presents for application is overwhelming.
Yet the temptation to equate essayists with their essayistic selves is seemingly irrepressible.
No doubt, though, it will occur to society's nannies to remove the temptation altogether.
The absence of provision for negotiations between companies and creditors increases the temptation for government to step in.
So the temptation to take money is high and the likelihood of a rigged match attracting scrutiny is low.
Yes there are cases when people fall, they couldnt resist temptation.
The temptation is too great and the risk of being caught is too small.
But they have resisted that temptation so far: their regulator is rightly nervous, partly about the currency risks involved.
They can also temper the temptation to see a tool as a panacea.
The temptation for publishers to churn out rubbish should be resisted.
The temptation to come up with a diagnosis for bad and hurtful behavior from a loved one is significant.
Indeed, many countries will be raising taxes simultaneously, which may reduce the temptation for businesses to shift.
It is sad to see people who are supposed to represent and teach the good be mislead by the temptation of greed.
To preserve morale, the firm has resisted the temptation to cut its generous health-care benefits.
The temptation is going to be to go to a coal economy.
And this of course continuously tests our ability to resist temptation and exercise self-control.
Some religions and philosophies resist this temptation, but being kind means never being caught off one's guard.
Otherwise, you're too subject to temptation, and liable to find yourself in over your head.
The temptation, then, is simply to abandon ambitious plans in an attempt to annoy no one.
The debate will become angry and murky and mind-numbingly complicated, and the temptation will be to put off reform yet again.
The temptation to mislead oneself is the reason that journalists aren't supposed to invest in companies they cover.
The temptation to mislead oneself is the reason that journalists aren't, for example, supposed to invest in companies they cover.
The temptation to extrapolate the vole studies to the brain chemistry of humans was irresistible.
Without a friend to counsel him, the temptation proved irresistible.
But the great critical essayists, resisting that temptation, subordinate all details to the general design.
One must be cautious and not always surrender to the temptation to improvise.
The temptation to skip is almost irresistible, when wisdom can be purchased only at the expense of eyesight.
The temptation must have been strong to load his inaugural address with everything he had been wanting to say.
One temptation is to try to sell the public on the need for more policemen and decide later how to use them.
So the temptation is there to become scattered--and in trying to keep up with all, to end up keeping up well with none.
But while living with this discrepancy, many journalists struggle with a much baser temptation.
The temptation was for executives to use spare cash to go on an acquisition spree.
Yet in island politics, the temptation to gaze inward is never far away.
There is, however, a danger inherent in all this government activity: the temptation of self-reliance.
Boosting demand at home will reduce the temptation to divert it from abroad.
The temptation for the government to deny it is increased by its inability to pay those pensions.
Fear of missing out, and thus the temptation to overpay, is growing.
But there's always the temptation to apply the story too widely.
The temptation when reviewing his works, of course, is to imitate him cunningly.
But as a recovering alcoholic, he wanted to get away from a lifestyle that held such temptation.
There is a temptation to rush to canonize your memory.
It might be wise to ignore any temptation that might threaten your financial security.
And the temptation is understandable, because the barrier between politics and media stardom has been getting more porous.
First it was extremely difficult to avoid the temptation to tell your closest friends.

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