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When placed on fishing lines to lure fish, the rods may also tempt turtles to their deaths, a new study says.
These negative moods continue to tempt alcoholics to return to drinking long after physical withdrawal symptoms have abated.
They tempt governments to splurge with money that may disappear tomorrow.
Research seems to indicate that this is a baiting mechanism used to tempt new prey.
But perhaps it will be enough to tempt you to tuck a few dahlias tubers in the ground this spring.
Perhaps she ought to count this as victory enough and not tempt fate by trying to engineer a rescue without a default.
As you can see in the video, the bees won't land on a cell phone, even when that cell phone has a drop of honey to tempt them.
The pharmas spent tens of thousands of dollars on booth space to tempt the docs to use their branded tchotchkes.
Some of the material for sale is splashier than usual, to tempt buyers out of their recession jitters.
Raising interest rates a few points is unlikely to tempt them back.
He has found some canny ways to tempt them to settle.
Lodges and tour operators tempt customers with hot tubs and gourmet food to go with their wilderness adventure.
Your posts tempt me to leave my tropical paradise and come visit.
In theory, being a conglomerate makes it easier to meet rich people and create complex products to tempt them with.
By happy chance, with interest rates high, it may also tempt in dollars and keep the peso's slide within bounds.
The government is pondering cuts in import duties to tempt more foreign drinks firms into the domestic market.
The worry is that this might tempt them to take up arms again.
The best artists may tempt people to buy a whole album.
Now, the salty risers tempt at every turn and are being incorporated into both sweet and savory culinary compositions.
The goal: tempt channel surfers to tune in whether or not there is a major continuing news story being covered.
As you might guess, there were platters of cookies, cakes and candies to tempt the weak of will.
But don't let those feelings tempt you to question his program, his friends or even his alcoholism.
Any system that turns out to be a useful way to measure influence will tempt the unscrupulous to try and game it, though.
He appears to migrate westward daily, and tempt us to follow him.
It might even tempt us to abandon our entire work in connection with the dream.
Perhaps the new evidence will tempt astronomers to look harder.
It will sharply increase the opportunity of corporations to tempt or intimidate congressmen facing reelection campaigns.
But it will also tempt more businesses to sell equities, putting a potential cap on the rally.
Some fear that low-cost leverage might tempt buyers to overpay.
These benefits can tempt the jobless into welfare dependency.
The existence of an overweening state machine that meddles in everything can tempt leaders to use it against their political foes.
Some pieces are stored in a meat locker, while others are cut into finer pieces and hung on metal hooks to tempt customers.
Her honor demands it, her snaky locks tempt me to it.
It's a setting that might easily tempt employees to spend a weekend at the office.
But it may tempt entrepreneurs to splurge when they should plow profits back into their companies.
But afterward, they still face challenges that can tempt them to smoke.
The current investment climate, which lacks regulatory scrutiny, may tempt unscrupulous hedge fund managers to commit fraud.
Don't tempt a thief by leaving your purse or wallet unattended.
It can help you stay away from things that tempt you to smoke.
The media feeds this sports craze, as do economic realities which often tempt people to cut the rule-book corners.
Make a list of the reasons for quitting and plan for situations that may tempt you to smoke.
It's better to have to struggle to get them to take it than to tempt them to take more when they don't really need it.
Since then, fox fur went out of style and its price has fallen too low to tempt the professional trapper.

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