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While electronic presentations can require a lot of drudgery, much of it can be eliminated with the use of a template.
Ask your teaching centre at your university for a template and then develop something.
The third template is the boutique-a firm that specialises in a niche area such as emerging markets.
Using the resource web template as a guideline, ask each of the groups to develop their own resource web on the paper.
One chain can thus be used as a template to construct its partner.
At the chosen height, hold the cardboard template that comes with the lockset against the door.
There's even a template to create a fake funeral program.
The second stage was to transfer the gold from the stencil to a screen by pressing the template into it.
Follow the steps to tell your own story on a printable subway map template.
The second stage was to transfer the gold from the stencil to a screen, or substrate, by pressing the template onto it.
It could be a template for other countries seeking to step over the shadow of history.
The capacity to be in touch with and meet bodily needs serves as a template for self-care throughout life.
To build a site the user first selects a suitable template.
Alas, it created a template that was later applied to kinds of cases that would never normally have hinged on secret evidence.
From that composite, the mock-up came together, a template used to create the digital illustration of each explorer.
Hold the edge of each template against the bolt threads until one matches exactly.
Lose the built-in template everyone else has and come up with something unique.
Develop a neutral sounding e-mail template for grade appeals.
Its model could offer a template for similar open textbooks in other disciplines.
My university requires all faculty to use the same syllabus template.
It wouldn't be the first time that something designed for music formed the template for more general technology.
The recipe for watermelon cooler is a template that can use almost any fruit.
The surface of the planet itself was a relatively constant template in the background.
Sylvia's recipe has become my template for cooking collards.
But it may, he says, provide a cultural and economic template for that world's future.
Give a copy of the resource web template and a large piece of paper to each group.
Now, in the age of the entrepreneurial self, even our closest relationships are being pressed onto this template.
If you deviate from the template, you will not receive a building permit.
Yet the story of his parents conforms to this template.
Once a sapphire is heated up and the pattern is created, the template could be reused.
The ability to form an average-mate template would have conveyed a singular survival advantage.
Treat this recipe as a basic template from which to have a blast mixing and matching different meats with different cheeses.
The system then talks him through the bells and whistles he might wish to add to that template.
Stylish, body-conscious designs have replaced the baggy template.
Since each row is generated by the same template, even the final record of census data must be followed by a comma.
It provides a template to help kids get started expressing themselves.
The best ones will fit perfectly into the template, with egg-shaped heads and no visible patches or holes.
The strategy is not a cure-all template for troubled media companies, of course.

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