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My annoyance at have to fix things is much tempered by my joy at knowing the article has been accepted.
Disaster relief tempered the current season's effects.
Today the illusory promise of self-policing governing boards must be tempered with reality.
But any temptation to brag about successes should quickly be tempered by humility over two things.
However, there were significant differences that tempered the experience.
The disappointment was tempered by a fortuitous contact.
Skepticism tempered with scientific reasoning produces good work.
Then comes a declaration of faith in the revolutionary power of speech, though it's tempered with wary cynicism.
The optimism has been tempered of late by business woes among telecommunication companies, but the technology remains impressive.
Since the tape is made of tempered steel, you'll first have to heat the end until it glows red.
Your excess of zeal should have been tempered by reason.
Steve exemplified the rare combination of high intelligence tempered by gentle humor.
Backing for the strike is frequently tempered with anxiety that it will do no good.
But it was an arrogance tempered by faith in the power of technology to improve lives.
Growth will henceforth be tempered by the need to address substantial structural problems across the economy.
But the picture is also poignant, in that the boundless optimism it captured has been tempered by tragedies and dead ends.
The annual football game between them was inspired by friendship, tempered by wars and sustained by tradition.
But the excitement is tempered by several reservations.
They'll brew beer in dung-tempered pottery or boil it by dropping in hot rocks.
Amazing because the buzz that it gave him was tempered.
She did not say that the proximity to the nuclear station might have made the crocs a little more even tempered.
The runners are highly flexible tempered steel, with polished and waxed edges.
He see everything and still has a boyish fascination with nature, tempered by his decades of experience.
But increasingly in the past couple of years, those expectations have been tempered.
But that has in no way tempered the optimism of the field.
Our brilliant ideas became somewhat tempered by scientific reality.
The tropical climate is tempered by the trade winds, and a spirited carnival celebration is a popular annual attraction.
But their support is tempered by caveats sandwiched in the middle of their four paragraph statement.
However, his conniving and ill-tempered brother has designs on the throne, and he drugs his sibling shortly before his coronation.
Liberty is a dog who is lazy, ill-tempered, and doesn't often behave well.
So the profession's growth continues, perhaps tempered by the global economic slide.
The rise of computer graphics, the increase in shoots abroad, and changing tastes have tempered the market.
Each pick would appear to have been hand-turned on a tiny lathe, and then cured and tempered.
He tempered his gloom by saying that the war is still winnable but argued that a new strategy is needed.
In financial markets, regulatory enthusiasm has been tempered by a fear: that markets will suffer from fragmentation.
But that did not stop an ill-tempered debate over lunch of poached organic salmon and roasted cauliflower.
She stood at a podium as prime minister-elect, amid a sea of jostling and ill-tempered photographers.
Another ill-tempered diplomatic brawl would further harm the treaty, which is taking a battering all round.
Although politics could trump such legalities, a bad-tempered exit might hinder an amicable settlement.
In this case, too, anger is tempered by sympathy for two individuals at the centre of the upheavals.
Therefore, confidence in the results has to be tempered by a proper appreciation of the uncertainties in the system.
But for a century that diplomacy, in which power was tempered by measure, ensured them security and prosperity.
Their chemistry, always humorous and magnetic, becomes tempered with real emotion and what may approach understanding.
They often learn to fight at an early age, sometimes using short-tempered adults around them as role models.
Since then, friends say, his enthusiasm has been tempered by a new mellowness.
But if you care about basketball, the usual draft excitement hasn't been tempered by the uncertainty.
While this concern from foreign policy wonks is justified, it must be tempered by considering the reality of our political system.
The experience left him uncharacteristically short-tempered, but not for long.
The result is a gallery of contemporary portraits, faithfully reproduced, and tempered with wit.
Though really a good-hearted, good-tempered old fellow at bottom, yet he is singularly fond of being in the midst of contention.
The dry light must shine in to adorn our festival, but it must be tempered and shaded, or that will also offend.
Despite the grim subject, it's a sweet-tempered movie, with moments of explosive humor-an entertainment.
He tempered his friends' complaints, mostly by laughing at them.
It was a bad-tempered season, although fights now are not as bad as they once were.
Still, such crude science was tempered by an ample dose of imagination.
It would seem to me in such a situation, it's not the true fact that ought be suppressed or tempered.
His general argument is that left-hemisphere dominance has gone too far and needs to be tempered by some context-dependence.
But as he grew in stature and influence, his dawning sense of responsibility tempered his words.
With patience our restless sense of injustice will be tempered, putting us in a better state for receiving more knowledge.
They might mark the site of a friendly house which will provide food, or the presence of a bad-tempered dog.
Those who know history best tend to be tempered by it.
Nonetheless, optimism should be tempered with realism.
In his fiction the rationalist's delight in disabusing is always tempered by something more charming and imaginative.
In view of this, his book is remarkably even-tempered and magnanimous.
His upbeat account of these events was tempered by regret.
Sheer enthusiasm, yet tempered by a suggestion of knowledge held in reserve, a distancing that was cool without malice.
His inner security was tempered by the humility that comes from being awed by nature.
Almost instantly, their hot-tempered cackling slides into sweet four-part harmony.
Once lovingly crafted of tempered wood, the heads of drivers are going steel.
But any sense of exultation by church leaders is tempered by a familiar feeling of persecution.
All of them are politically incorrect, gratuitously insulting and ill tempered.

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