tempera in a sentence

Example sentences for tempera

Egg tempera paint has been used by artists since ancient times.
Then, have them form river channels and coat with blue enamel paint and color the land with tempera paint.
Oils allow painters to use techniques unimaginable with egg tempera.
Linen has been primed to receive tempera and oil, and a technique has been devised to create portable frescoes.
Next time it rains, sprinkle lots of powdered tempera paints on a piece of paper.
For much of his career he painted not only in watercolors but in tempera, a pigment and egg-white medium that predates oil paint.
Investigate approaches to painting with acrylics, tempera and watercolor.
Wyeth's favorite media were watercolor and egg tempera.
Artists have commonly applied a final transparent coating to the surface of oil and tempera paintings.
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