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Golf rewards players who remain calm under pressure, never lose their temper and think strategically.
She was as good a writer as he was, and in her calm, genial wisdom counterpoised his volatility and quick temper.
Steinberg has a reputation for boundless energy and a mastery of subjects, but also for a short temper.
Recessions tend to temper ambitions, and it appears that even inaugural ceremonies may be on the chopping block at some colleges.
Governments seem unable to use budgets to temper recessions.
His large size and uncertain temper make him well respected by the other chimpanzees.
Let scientific temper govern the social aspirations of science and benefit humanity in its total development.
The planting plan sticks to fiery colors but adds splashes of lime and chocolate to temper the heat.
But you can blame them for throwing temper tantrums in response.
But his legendary temper and sometimes-abusive behavior also won him many critics.
Doctors could flip a genetic switch to restore fetal hemoglobin production to temper effects of this blood disorder.
It's a development philosophy created to temper the creepiness of a highly successful sales model.
They throw a fit, a temper tantrum, and use bullying techniques in hopes of shaming people into giving them what they want.
Deferring some of those profits until a downturn might improve the productivity of the overall investment and temper the cycle.
He loses focus, and sometimes his temper flares erratically.
Social relationships can temper dissatisfaction, however.
These issues temper my excitement at the many possibilities enhanced books offer.
The family's volatile temper was a curse on the village.
Leave existing forests alone to generate basic food for the planet and temper its climate.
Our bear doesn't have temper tantrums and storm off his exhibit.
They can also temper the temptation to see a tool as a panacea.
It might be useful to temper your arithmetical argument with a little observational evidence.
The senator's temper is much in the news these days.
But today's aspiring sharks have had to temper similar dreams.
The bank accepts that there is a bit more slack in the labour market, which will temper pay pressures.
Tension between the prisoners builds, and sooner or later one of them will lose her temper.
The emerging middle media seemed to temper the expected hysteria.
Bring cream to a boil and slowly temper yolk mixture.
Use the two box flaps as blinders so you can cut out or temper any peripheral or back lighting.
He is said to be both reclusive and thin-skinned, occasionally losing his temper with his advisers.
Now that the bill is due, rather than figuring out ways to pay it, we're throwing temper tantrums.
More important, the flashes of temper are almost identical.
But he nevertheless keeps his temper and looks prosperous under it all.
Professors are much more free to lose their temper than administrators.
Now you can temper that with the good memories you're going to make by being successful there.
However, two important facts should temper our optimism about this remarkable agricultural story.
Gladys has bleached blonde hair, a hopelessly romantic nature and a remarkably good temper.
The summiteers can make progress, but only if they temper their hyperbole with realism and humility.
Because hand-made gold pens are unequal in hardness and spring and temper.
The authors are careful to temper expectations about what enlightened schemes can achieve.
He has a volcanic temper that he struggles to control.
Toddlers throw temper tantrums because they lack the ability to express their frustrations any other way.
Bad temper and extreme nervous tension were endemic in the family.
Real people can lose their temper, realize their behavior was inappropriate, feel bad and then apologize.
Data that doesn't fit your case, gets a temper tantrum.
She thought his hand shook, and she regretted showing him so much temper.
The flip side was a fiery temper, and a tendency to perceive slights around every corner.
His character kinda loses his temper and freaks out and regresses into old arguments he used to have with his father.
W e talk about his temper, which he says has improved measurably over the years, as well as about his regrets.
He rarely loses his temper, rarely allows himself to get annoyed or irritable.
Keeping a tight leash on him makes sense because it controls his temper and reduces the chance that he'll anger the base.
Now, everybody knows the way carbohydrates affect the insulin levels, which shifts the adrenal gland and triggers the temper.
What roiled inside him usually came out, sometimes in fits of temper or unruly behavior behind the wheel.
Most critics, however, have to temper their criticism.
If her temper be good, want of education makes her soft and easy.
Moreover, he had the instinct, the temper and the judgment of the born historian.
No ill-timed censure ever indiscreetly checked the pupil's communicative temper.
But of course to have found fault reveals the naïve temper of criticism in the late seventies.
The words are the sounds of fluctuations in temper--from scorn and despair to sardonic humor, from hopelessness to hatred.
And it would temper money inflows by introducing a dose of uncertainty to the exchange rate.
It had a lot more to do with the temper of the times than with the taste of the wine.
Ours quickly loses his temper as journalists on different deadlines scurry in different directions.
Then you have to temper the chocolate, the ultimate of troublesome and tiresome culinary labors.
Increasingly higher temper temperatures and longer tempering times generally increased mean tool life.

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