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The country's telephone service, however, is another matter.
For telephone companies, the shift to mobility has changed the composition of their revenues.
Please include name, address, and daytime telephone.
Telephone receivers at listening stations offer recorded narration about the exhibits.
First of two articles on the changing telephone business.
They will also have to make sure that public goods delivered via the old telephone network continue to be provided.
Guy texting walks right into a telephone poll and knocks himself cold.
They chased bad guys, but they also had a telephone and a phonograph.
The copper telephone line that ran to every house was regulated as a common carrier.
We could talk to friends and families with a telephone and get stock prices by calling a broker before e-mail was invented.
Several obstacles remain before wireless telephone systems now in development can replace cellular and wired services.
But also remember telephone communication is two way.
He was not part of the research team, but he was included in the telephone briefing to offer perspective.
The prize-winning photographer reflects on his images of politics and political figures in a telephone conversation.
Many are comfortable in face-to-face meetings versus teleconferencing or telephone conference calls.
The clerk got on the telephone and made some arrangement.
For example, long-distance telephone calls done via the computer for free, eg.
Collect data by distributing local telephone books to groups of students.
Light is now used for everything from laser eye surgery to telephone technology.
Nothing is more disorienting than a telephone interview.
The narrative mixes together video, telephone calls, and text messages to cook up a powerful brew.
Telephone surveys are the meat and potatoes of political polling groups.
Everyone knows the story of the invention of the airplane, the telephone and the light bulb.
Although the head of a search committee will usually call to say the job is yours, a formal offer is not a telephone call.
Inspectors receive many tips by telephone as rival shopkeepers denounce each other.
But it also heralds a new means of communication whose impact might rival even that of the telephone.
But a series of telephone interviews with the sufferers pointed to a much more precise cause.
Not a telephone dating service for unattractive people.
But the firm recruits easily, hiring only one in five of those who get through a preliminary telephone interview.
No one is talking about hanging up on old-fashioned telephone support.
They gathered at her house because she was central, and had a telephone.
The trees were also used to build houses, telephone poles, and railroad ties.
Evacuation maps on telephone book covers point people to higher ground.
Think of your great-grandparents' lives before the telephone.
Any activity that can be conducted via a screen and telephone can be carried out anywhere in the world.
Where attempts to use the telephone are rewarded with astonishing demands for payment, whether calls are connected or not.
During the night artificial lights can confuse the birds and cause them to crash into telephone poles and other objects.
Others exchange scurrilous messages by computer and telephone.
Many admissions departments also telephone prospective students to continue the selling process.
Drinking water, electricity and telephone lines have largely been restored.
Repelling a rocket with a blast of electricity while grinding on a telephone wire.
Thus news came in by telephone, called in by legmen-reporters who scoured the town for stories.
Further complicating his work as a reporter, he was deathly afraid of the telephone.
As the storm roared over them, his relatives would telephone their homes down the bayou.
What followed next was a game of telephone that stretched across centuries.
Have them estimate how many pizzerias are listed in a telephone book that serves your community.
There was no television or telephone in the cottage.
Telephone lines are being buried and postwar structures bought and dismantled.
Invite small groups over the telephone, or use email or social media for larger groups.
Some adjuncts don't have computers or telephone lines in their campus offices, if indeed they have an office.
When a high-school student calls, an admissions representative ranks the student as soon as he or she hangs up the telephone.
Candidates who are selected for an interview will be notified via telephone.
To my pleasant surprise, it was an invitation for a telephone interview.
Please include an e-mail address and telephone number.
If it's post-telephone interview, an email is better.
Until recently, such automated telephone speech systems could string together only prerecorded phrases.
These data can then be relayed to a patient's mobile telephone and shared with whomever the patient chooses.
And maybe that's because he wasn't opposed to the telephone, even if he found some of its aftereffects odd.
Such determinations are made every day with respect to telephone and postal transactions.
We had our first rehearsal a day or two after our telephone conversation.
They should also feel at ease with accessing information via telephone and computer.
More and more day-to-day work is being done over the telephone.
Electricity powered the telephone communication system that allowed small local markets to become big national markets.
Each gave me without hesitation the name, address, and telephone number of her physician.
Not a single hand was raised in their favour in the room, and no-one called in to bid for them online or over the telephone.
With the invention of the telephone and the telex, the centralised head office came into its own.
These factors presented similar difficulties to providers of electricity and telephone services in the previous century.
Enter your name, address, email address and vacation telephone number in the boxes.
Tickets are available by telephone or may be booked through a local travel agent.
Monthly telephone bills have long been the way of the world.
Then, you're given a telephone number for your friend that's a local call for you.
Fares vary by the route, and tickets are available at the stations on the route, by telephone and from the railroad website.
Guestrooms include a private bath, office workspace, television and telephone.
So he comes into the kitchen, wiping his greasy hands on the rag before picking up the telephone receiver.
The driver stopped twice en route to telephone in his road progress.
And voice encryption can render a telephone wiretap useless.
Phishing started on the telephone, and remains common there.
Translating spoken phrases also makes the system useful for telephone conversations.
Please include your address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
Millions of homes and businesses are wired with copper connections from the old style telephone network.
When a crime is committed over a telephone line, this information is invaluable.
No more cables period telephone poles which carry electricity gone, underground electricity cables gone.
These efforts are shoestring operations, often staffed by volunteers and using donated equipment and telephone lines.
Beside each tree is a marker with a telephone number.
Usually tacked to telephone poles or stoplights, bandit signs are gloomy but reliable indicators of our collective anxieties.
For instance, he no longer responds to his brother's insults when they speak on the telephone.
He picks up the telephone but says nothing to the voice on the other end.
Neither have they ever spoken to him on the telephone.
And to this our times have added the playful hidden camera and the amusing bug on the bedside telephone.
Months later a telephone call informs him that he can collect the keys and return to his house.
At home when the news came by telephone that my first book had been accepted.
After getting all of the information, she picked up the telephone and called the dietician.
He and his accountants always made sure that one company or another absorbed every expense, and telephone calls were not cheap.
They recently broke up via long-distance telephone, although they've done so before and gotten back together again.
In the old days, the hostess herself got on the telephone and followed up with a reminder.
She was enormously spirited, and there were telephone calls and bouquets of roses.
There were long talks on the telephone every night, movies, the theater.
With a faster-than-light telephone, you could place a call back in time and tell your parents not to conceive you, for example.
The solution finally came to him during a late-night telephone conversation with a colleague.
The trees were used for everything from fine furniture to telephone poles.
But it did not appear that a fishing net or telephone cable was dragging on the sub.
Established religions are undoubtedly skewed either by calculated manipulation of truths or centuries long games of telephone.
Consumers are sometimes confused by the various charges and items on their monthly telephone bills.
Offenders are offered reasonable access to telephone communication.
Inmates are not permitted to receive telephone calls.
They sent us to our rooms, sure, and grounded us or withdrew telephone privileges.

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