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Other times it doesn't, as when the telegraph network failed to devour the telephone.
It is more than a bush telegraph or village gossip, more than the latest headlines.
For the first time, the telegraph also played an important role in warfare.
Traces the evolution of the country's telegraph and telephone networks.
Telegraph lines presented a similar economic challenge-high start-up capital and low marginal operating costs.
He suggested hanging buoys, yacht pennants, and old lighthouse lanterns to telegraph nautical charm.
His breakthrough was key to advancing communications technology, in particular, the telegraph.
Axons are the nervous system's telegraph wires, enabling neurons to form networks.
Twitter's ability to drive traffic may not be as significant as other sharing services but as a human telegraph it has no rival.
But it's also the time for the department to telegraph what they expect to change.
It was not won with guns, railroads, or telegraph lines.
Advances in technology-especially the development of the telegraph-made rapid dissemination of the news possible.
At a time when no roads, fences or telegraph poles would be encountered.
The same thing happened with the invention of the printing press, the telegraph, and the radio.
He or she also possibly is worrying about the effect that the telegraph will have on letter-writing.
Some scoundrel placed a telegraph pole across the track, which caused the disaster.
They exploded any stores of powder they came upon, cut every telegraph, and wrecked the railways here and there.
We thus obtain mechanical actions which meet with extended applications in the electrical telegraph, for instance.
The effect of the electric telegraph in reproducing this trooping of emotion and perhaps of opinion is yet to be measured.
Unfortunately, these changes in name and delivery method telegraph the lack of any real innovation.
The telegraph always manages to convey the wrong message.
They were for many decades the preferred site of a city's primary postal and telegraph offices.
In the past, all a citizen expected from the state was that it build post offices or telegraph stations.
The best way to communicate is not a telephone or telegraph.

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