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The tooth sockets had been resorbed into the skull, suggesting that he had lost the teeth several years before dying.
Natal teeth are teeth that are already present at the time of birth.
More complicated than they look, teeth are actually tiny organs.
That's obvious from the shape and size of their teeth.
Leaves have three to five lobes and large, blunt teeth.
Imagine you're at a reception and encounter a colleague with something green in his teeth.
Though these ancient bony fish teeth grew from a bone, old teeth remained attached to the bone.
People looking for a less-obtrusive way to straighten their teeth have good reason to smile.
Widely spaced teeth can be a temporary condition related to normal growth and the development of adult teeth.
Your cardiologist might want you to brush your teeth more often.
In a faltering economy, dentists see an upturn in teeth grinding.
My policies cause much anguish and despair among some students, much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.
The floss, of course, is so no one notices granola in your teeth.
But he has cut his hair, had his teeth polished and embodies a fresh start-unlike his two main rivals.
Here is yet another good reason to brush your teeth regularly.
Which frees me to, um, lie through my teeth on the form.
The downsides of smoking are plentiful, ranging from stained fingers and teeth to an increased risk of lung cancer.
The concept hadn't yet sunk its teeth into the post-Communist soul.
He was roughly treated in the selection process, probably on the instructions of those who fear courts with sharper teeth.
It then finds a vein and sinks its razor-sharp teeth through the flesh so delicately that its prey doesn't awaken.
At some point along the line, you are going to have to cut your teeth with some low-paying entry-level grunt work.
They have the bit between the teeth and that's for sure.
And if that's not disturbing enough for ya, the leech with teeth was actually discovered up some dude's nose.
Damaged bones indicate that one of those long-lost crocs once sunk its teeth into a small dinosaur.
The days of homemade candied apples may be gone, but these days kids can rot their teeth with a wealth of weirdo treats.
Specialized adaptations to bamboo feeding include strong jaws and robust teeth for grinding down tough plant material.
Worker animals dig the burrows that the whole clan inhabits, using their prominent teeth and snouts.
Further indication of the link to whales was found in the structure of some of its teeth.
Instead, the holes are smooth-edged and show no signs that they were made by the teeth of another dinosaur.
Here are some music suggestions that the whole family can enjoy without any teeth grating by the parents.
The shark is gray or brownish with spots, and its top jaw has jagged cusped teeth and the bottom comb shaped.
It sinks its razor-sharp teeth into a giant manta ray's fin.
Its mouth is frozen in an expression that displays a few worn, chipped teeth.
Usually, age is determined by physical characteristics, such as teeth or bones.
The drill has teeth around the leading edge and a hollow center.
The plovers eat tiny animals stuck to a croc's teeth.
Bearing your teeth is a sign of aggression everywhere but in our twisted heads.
Its jaws and teeth were so powerful it may have eaten small dinosaurs as well as fish.
We also tried chewing on a tiny bit of leaf that they use to numb their teeth if they have a cavity or toothache.
Rumor has it you're as sharp as a great white's teeth.
Most strong biological structures of this sort-bones, teeth, shells and so on-are highly mineralised.
Students compare the shape and size of human, lion, and gazelle teeth and jaws.
Instead, it lets the plover eat small, harmful animals attached to the crocodile's teeth.
The ten creatures in this game can be really tough to sink your teeth into.
Centuries ago, people used shells and sharks' teeth as razors.
In each case a chimpanzee modified a branch by breaking off one or two ends and, frequently, using its teeth to sharpen the stick.
Some had grinding teeth that show early evolutionary adaptations in mammals toward a vegetarian diet.
These teeth are so long that the viper cannot close its mouth completely.
Faculty members gnash their teeth and wring their hands when students plagiarize.
Lame, bees in his brain, two teeth shy of total gum he bites the air.
Rotting fingers, teeth, pieces of bones and other keepsakes were found in his possession.
Second, give your students something to sink their teeth into next term.
Though for-profit colleges have welcomed the changes, some student and consumer groups say the rule has lost its teeth.
Looking at her teeth, the interviewer envisions all the candidates who beat him out for jobs.
Committee members are looking for an experienced president who won't be cutting his or her teeth on their college.
Other theropod dinosaurs have grooves in their teeth which appear to have reduced mechanical stress as they bit into prey.
Blood dripped from her left hand where the tuna's teeth had slashed her.
The possibility of creating a long-tailed chicken with teeth and claws is based on the fact that birds are living dinosaurs.
She then threads them through the sley, which resembles the teeth of a giant comb.
She was found caught in a net with a broken jaw and had to have all her teeth removed.
But imagine being chased by a giant hopping animal with six-inch-long teeth.
These are three in number on either side in each jaw, and are termed superadded permanent teeth.
Who looks for a courtier's tongue between the teeth of a clown.
Thus was the vessel of puritanism wrecked on its first trial voyage, in the teeth of the winds of tradition and authority.
Only time will tell if the product on the field also has teeth.
He snaps up straight, eyes burning, teeth clenched against the yell in his throat.
And for years it was a closely guarded studio secret that he wore false teeth.
All elephants belonged to the emperor, and by spiking a tower with their teeth he was demonstrating his power.
Red currants are soft and juicy, and so acidic that you can feel the sting in your back teeth.
But the real base of the movement wants something with far more teeth.
The females may stick around briefly, to snarl and show their teeth while the cubs also exit.
When they're fresh, she added, their exoskeletons don't get stuck in your teeth.
He put his flashlight between his teeth and brought up the rifle from where it rested against his thigh.
Imagine a dentist telling you to take better care of your teeth.
He smiled broadly and without benefit of a full set of teeth.
He clenches his teeth as the nurse sticks the needle in again.
One captured pirate skiff held a hunk of shark meat so tough it had teeth marks all over it.
Suck in air through your teeth so that the flavor is distributed throughout your mouth.
They have pared the claws and drawn the teeth of these human tigers.
She removed the mitten from her other hand with her teeth and reached down.
When someone is speaking before he has brushed his teeth, he is thought to always tell the truth.
The key lies in the curds: morsels of un-aged cheese, salty on the tongue and squeaky on the teeth.
It's third-rate at best-fifth if you take my teeth into consideration.
He thinks about the water djinn: their teeth, their hands, what they see down there in the darkness.
She brushed her teeth, considering all the pine trees surrounding the house, their heavy scent calling the half-sleeping one.
Ice bares its teeth on the surface of the mud puddles.
Hers is the only smile that allows us a glimpse of teeth.
Condition of her teeth told dentists she probably came from lower-income family.
He yawned at them as they came in, showing them his teeth, and some of them yawned back.
No watching it limp away into the dark night, no gnashing teeth.
Almonds and walnuts provide those crunchy little matters for the teeth to touch.
Sometimes they rise up ghostlike out of the mist, immense iridescent teeth bathed in lavender light.
Sliding one off the skewer with my teeth was cringe-inducing, though, as the insect's little legs tickled my lips.
Your knives and forks are your teeth and ten fingers.
They popped these into their mouths, chewing gently until their tongues and teeth were stained red from the opiate combination.
There were the eyes in their sockets staring up at me, the tiny teeth in their jaws, and the nasal cavities exposed.
The wahoo, a major-league game fish that makes marvelous eating, is a startlingly swift ocean predator with needle-sharp teeth.
Sabre-teeth, while they look formidable, were actually quite fragile.
The hyoid bone isn't wide enough to receive muscle attachments from the rear of the jaw, where the last two molar teeth sit.
Then it inserts its hypostome, a swordlike probe with row upon row of microscopic teeth, and begins to suck.
Now the patient can chew and swallow food and is relearning to brush his teeth.
We now have a dozen more-or-less fragmentary skulls, several lower jaws, and a number of smaller bits and loose teeth.
But all along the wall they could also see the white gouge marks left by the teeth of a steam shovel.
They retained a muscle-attaching breastbone, and they did not re-evolve the sharp teeth of their ancestors.
Their teeth had changed shape, so that they were no longer good for shearing.
The technique could be used to make novel optical devices or biological scaffolds to grow soft tissue, teeth, and bone.
Your breath can tell a lot more about you than whether you brushed your teeth this morning or have been drinking alcohol.
Over time this can wear down or break the teeth off its metal gears.
Many biological materials use the same trick to increase their strength, materials such as bone, teeth and nacre.
They settled on a dental application: scanning teeth instead of making plaster molds of them.
Again, they won't change the total emissions as long as the overall cap stays in place, so the bill still has some teeth.
Further surgery is planned to remove healing implants and to insert screw-in teeth.
One critical factor bringing exposure to blogs, ironically, is the mainstream media's rediscovery of its own teeth.
She also has evolutionary claws and teeth and this is important when she gets uncomfortable.
Fluoride is considered an essential weapon against rotting teeth, but it also can make bones brittle.
There was a flash of fur, the gnash of teeth, silence.
Now, imagine us making our bones or our teeth, or imagine an abalone making a shell.
So the cop's holding these teeth and they start clicking in his hand.
The fussy bows gradually disappeared, the teeth were straightened, the hair was made more elegant.
She has exquisite skin, a perfect little nose, dazzling white teeth.
The small one, recalls the dealer, had perfect teeth.
While there was much gnashing of teeth over the economy, the overall mood was by all accounts upbeat.
Roses cut his teeth at a series of small- to medium-size management companies.
The largest polar bear growled and clicked his teeth as he advanced.
Whitetail and mule deer basically have two groups of teeth.
He had a red necktie and waistcoat, and a couple of his teeth were missing.
They fail to brush their teeth, or start wearing sweatpants instead of fitted clothes.
Readers whose teeth are not set on edge by the sound of grinding axes will enjoy it.
In mammals, the highest natural concentration of fluoride is found in bones and teeth.
These days, it's almost as essential as electricity and water, and yet getting hooked up can be worse than having teeth pulled.
And novel and new are two things scarce as hens teeth in relation to desalination technologies.
He also had found a jaw in which conical teeth appeared to have rested in sockets, in addition to a badly damaged skull.
Although hippo teeth look rather different, the two groups have in common a number of features in the skull, lower jaw and limbs.

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