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Many species don't mate until they're in their teens, and then may bear small litters only once every two years.
When two teens are sitting together in the back seat of the car texting each other, there is vocal silence.
He'd gardened since he was old enough to hold a trowel, and in his teens he became interested in sustainable agriculture.
There are, in fact, solid correlations between how much reading teens do on their own and how well they perform in school.
Incredible scholars and indecisive teens choose them.
Most teens would be better off at home rather than suffer through the over-politicized system.
She had a summons for shoplifting when she was in her late teens, paid a fine, took a course and the charges were dropped.
Many teens wander off to college because there is no alternative to them.
The teens are no longer kids, but they're not really adults yet.
But over time, their brains became indistinguishable from those of healthy teens.
New guidelines say doctors should look for signs in teens, too.
Traveling with teens can be challenging, especially when you are trying to find places they will find interesting.
Of interest, theta episodes were also more common when the teens were trying to recall the maze, not learn it in the first place.
Then you can offer math and science when teens are begging adults to teach it to them.
With faster synapses, teens learn faster than adults, for instance.
One of the best ways of preventing teenage pregnancies, for example, is to get teens to do volunteer work in their communities.
And previous studies have established that alcohol ads affect teens' drinking intentions and behavior.
They are unlikely to manifest themselves solely in someone's teens.
Other operations were doing remarkably well, with returns in the high teens.
At the end of the day, there have been no decreases in marijuana use in teens and adults.
He announced curfews for teens and accompanying fines for their parents.
They were tested at the age of seven, and again in their mid-teens.
As long as teens keep turning out on opening weekends, the business model will hold.
Now a new study has found that the more non-diet soda teens drink, the more prone they are to violence.
He liked to draw and attended a commercial art school, and in his teens ran a sign-painting business.
Some of the stuff these teens put out there is dangerous and offensive.
Teens fall into a slumber, dozing weeks or even months at a stretch.
Other scientists have suggested that this gap in timing explains why teens are so prone to risky and impulsive behaviours.
In the late teens and early twenties memory is probably at its best, so you may not get much improvement.
They're adults, many of whom are closer in age to the actors who play their teachers than they are to actual teens.
The teens, none of whom could swim, were splashing in shallow waters when they unknowingly entered a deeper area of the river.
Inside those walls she would forever remain the ugly duckling of her early teens.
And never mind that today's teens are actually crushed by enmity and want nothing more than cooperation and support.
These silly teens and their underdeveloped frontal lobes.
And some teens are engaging in activities that are far more alarming than exchanging risqué pictures.
Help for teens who are living with a parent or relative who has cancer.
Gives tips and checklists to increase awareness and help parents guide their teens to a healthy life.
Help for teens who have a brother or sister with cancer.
Teens with divorced parents report that their parents have more contact than teens with never-married parents do.
Discusses skills parents and caregivers can use to prevent illicit drug use among teens.

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