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Example sentences for teenagers

Teenagers are insecure about their rank so they're always trying to prove it.
Still, persuading faculty members to donate their time to the oft-draining task of wooing teenagers isn't always easy.
As with teenagers everywhere, no one really knows where they go.
With the decision-making areas of their brains still developing, teenagers show poor judgment in risky situations.
Also, as the author mentioned, the teenagers are connected to their friends over these social networking websites.
The teenagers would be cut off from their friends without these websites.
Elderly visitors who drink the spring's sulfur-smelling water don't turn into teenagers.
Most games are for teenagers and adults, but they always have something appropriate for little tykes as well.
However, trying to get some teenagers to use their brains is challenging at times.
Re flamers: the beauty of having teenagers is that it has taught me to be selectively deaf and to pick my battles.
Teenagers are way past the age that autism is diagnosed.
The big problem is with those kids and teenagers which don't, and let these games be a complication in their life.
The desire to emigrate colors the choices that teenagers make.
In a parking lot beside a liquor store, teenagers stood around in the cold, smoking and begging for drinks.
Teenagers, of course, are the ideal audience for this sort of thinking.
Each of the teenagers later said the other had done the shooting.
Teenagers are hanging out with friends in faraway homes.
There is a danger that piracy will move on from teenagers skulking in bedrooms and into the living room.
And when teenagers collaborate about these video games, they are expanding their communication skills as well.
For impecunious teenagers and students, the fact that peer-to-peer sharing is free will always be compelling.
From teenagers to corporate executives, the new bloggers all have reasons of their own for engaging in this new pursuit.
Many gangsters are illiterate teenagers with few other options.
They shot five villagers dead, two of them teenagers, and seriously injured a farm hand.
Most teenagers had long used pagers to keep in touch.
The real eye-opener is a long-term series including older teenagers.
It may have happened because teenagers are staying at school or college longer, and are working less on the side.
Public handwringing is already evident in the case of teenagers indulging in cosmetic surgery.
The spark appears to have been the arrest of more than a dozen teenagers last week for painting anti-regime graffiti on a wall.
Parents have always warned teenagers against falling in with the wrong crowd, those kids they consider bad influences.
She's all but gone from top advertising campaigns, beaten out by anonymous, awkward-looking teenagers.
With other teenagers he started stoning police vehicles.
It is hardly shocking that teenagers at a sleepover party would engage in raunchy behavior.
Let's say you are among the lucky teenagers able to get a job this summer.

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