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No trip with teenage daughters is complete without shopping expeditions.
Teenage heads bob into sight--straining and craning on tiptoes to look in.
Such misdeeds are likely committed by budding psychopaths or teenage pranksters, she added.
Read from a teenage soldier's diary and a doctor's gruesome accounts of disease, hunger, and cold.
She's been interviewing teenage boys about their friendships, and what she's found is remarkable.
The correspondent says that he thinks these books can bring more teenage boys into the reading habit.
Before venturing into college teaching, she counseled elementary students and unwed teenage mothers.
For those worried about teenage reading habits, there's some comfort.
All of his teenage landmarks were gone or radically altered.
Teenage pregnancy perpetuates the cycle of poverty, the authors note.
His teenage audiences yelled out with him, suddenly liberated.
It is also surprising, given the apparently cliquey nature of teenage life.
Even in her teenage boys' bedrooms, not a thing is out of place.
The teenage driver looks panicked, one hand clutching the steering wheel, the other hand clenching a cell phone.
Not many teenage boys in any culture seem terribly interested in taking this particular route to success.
Rates of suicide and fatal car crashes peak during the teenage years.
Teenage pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes: a large population based retrospective cohort study.
These were the cutups in middle school, the teenage pregnancies, the try-everything-once crowd.
Enrollment is down to about one thousand six hundred and fifty, due to demographics, but it's still bustling with teenage energy.
He was swiftly shoved to the ground by two teenage boys with crosses tattooed on their wrists and dragged toward a soldier.
To travel only blocks in his own homeland, an elderly grandfather waits to beg for the whim of a teenage soldier.
At the bottom, teenage thugs beat the brains out of villagers for the sake of a mule and a change of clothes.
In the pre-computer era, teenage grandmasters were rarities and almost always destined to play for the world championship.
Teenage boys with behavior problems may be able to blame their brain chemistry, according to a new study.
The cause of a teenage athlete's fever and pain takes a doctor by surprise.
Because lurking behind the scientific arguments is a big public policy conflict over what to do about teenage pregnancy.
The human, thus, requires extended care of parents until the teenage years.
He performed his court-ordered duties at a library with other teenage offenders.
But that didn't stop teenage boys from watching the show without pants.
He's perhaps the highest-paid teenage star right now.

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