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Port-au-Prince sits near the border of two tectonic plates.
Most volcanoes form at the junctions of tectonic plates.
Many of the world's largest earthquakes take place at subduction zones where tectonic plates collide, forcing one under the other.
Set atop a tectonic hotspot, the small island is home to breathtaking eruptions and other geologic sites.
They will also be used for measuring the movement of ice flows, glaciers and tectonic plates.
These studies confirmed plate tectonic theories of sea floor spreading and continental drift.
Depositional slope systems develop in various tectonic environments and under various conditions.
Next people will be blaming human activity for tectonic plate movement.
However, building nuclear power plants on an island adjacent to an active tectonic zone is inherently dangerous.
It is true that drilling can relieve stress on the tectonic plates and allow for shifting.
Fissures created by tectonic tension also reveal themselves in this stereoscopic composite.
Propelled by gravity, it will melt through the tectonic ice plates.
Such media services offered on mobile phones underline a tectonic shift.
Tectonic plates slip underneath each other in a process known as subduction.
Blame generation-scale tectonic shifts that opened gaps between public and private work.
See how tectonic plates have moved over the geologic past.
Tectonic tsunamis are caused by the movement of plates on the seafloor.
The music moved at a tectonic pace, with its elements gradually welling up from subterranean depths.
Tectonic plates slid and were subducted, mantle rock melted and pooled underground, volcanoes erupted.
The microseisms could be magma rising toward the crater or of tectonic nature of plates trying to fit.
Certain travel destinations remind you that you live on a planet-an old, weathered, tectonic-plate-shifting planet.
Deep sediments would quickly seal any fissures from earthquake or tectonic movement, preventing this type of intrusion.
The impact may even have triggered plate-tectonic activity, which causes the continents to move around.
Tectonic shifts are, unfortunately, still out there quietly doing their thing.
Tectonic plates can slip past, beneath, and over the top of each other.
The tectonic plates on the surface are always slowly moving, but they get stuck at their edges because of friction.
The changes are tectonic, a result of social and economic processes unfolding over many decades.
Tectonic refers to rock-deforming processes and resulting structures that occur over large sections of the lithosphere.
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