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Example sentences for techno

Today's hits are stocked with electronic keyboards, techno backdrops and dub loops.
Yet the techno-sheen given this war by smart bombs, night-vision goggles, and remote-controlled drones is misleading.
Spontaneous communication has occurred for some time now in chat rooms formed by investors, techno-geeks and moms alike.
If they want resources, they would do better finding a planet without techno-life.
These techno-fixes cause hot discussion in newspapers and blogs around the world.
Yelling techno-babble is more fun then doing the research of facts.
Big traveling shows typically relegate the techno help to side stages and chill tents.
These techno-utopians should pay closer attention to developments in neuroscience.
We need someone who can relate to today's techno-savvy students.
Many were privately owned and struggled to keep afloat, and they had few options in publishing's new techno-economy.
The practice must have been conceived by some techno-gaga administrator who wanted to be cutting-edge.
Winners of a student video contest used everything from ninjas, to bandits, to techno music to teach others about computer safety.
Nonpartial, outside evaluation of learning under various techno-models is what is necessary.
The ensuing techno, electronic and trance music gradually elbowed out the other metal sub-genres.
Unlike others, he can hardly be accused of opportunistically seizing upon this obscure techno-fix for political reasons.
While nearer than escape velocity nuclear rocket, it is still merely a techno-dream at this stage.
What really counts, say techno-optimists, is that technology should get a toehold.
The end result is a large number of people unable to function in this techno society.
And it is the non-western countries that are pushing that dangerous but ultimately essential techno-consumerism.
One reason science majors support nuclear power could be techno-fixation, and a belief that modelling gives you all the answers.
We've lost our techno-impresario and digital dream granter.
As a feat of techno-nationalism, however, it didn't stick.
If it was positive, here's an older video that has a little more of a techno vibe.
The norm is a mix of house, techno, hip-hop and other dance music.
Pod caters to a younger crowd, playing loud techno music around the clock.
It's amusing to see the number of people here looking for that techno savior.
Nerds, geeks, and techno wonks will see problems through salvation of technology.
Techno-addicts racking up credit card debt in pursuit of the hottest--or the coolest--electronic gadgets.
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