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But recovering much of the remaining reserves, he said, will be expensive and technically difficult.
And even the technically adept among them must learn to collaborate with software engineers to make their projects work.
Its auditors judged that if the transaction went ahead the company would become technically insolvent.
In some cases, they weren't even technically the best.
F lower is technically a cyathium, consisting of fused bracts that form a cup around the much-reduced true flowers.
The second is that it may prove technically impossible to test all the ideas created by human minds.
The researchers' approach is to technically fillet systems and then suggest ingenious but pragmatic solutions.
And there are other sorts of electronic fraud that aren't technically phishing.
Both dancers are technically able, know their way.
If they are technically poor, they will be eligible for many benefits.
Although the idea may sound weird, the company insists that it is technically feasible.
Technically he could have done it-maybe, on a good day in perfect conditions.
Medical applications are technically medical devices and therefore subject to federal regulation.
Some of the ugly encounters which he has with the underworld are grotesque and technically revolting.
Technically both of us were new faculty members, albeit only part-time ones.
These heads are beautiful, technically sophisticated and compelling.
Technically that means that your skin's temperature must be higher than the atmosphere's so-called wet-bulb temperature.
It's not that those things aren't technically possible.
However technically sufficient the images may have been, they don't actually mean anything to anyone.
Previously, this was known to be technically possible, but the process was hopelessly inefficient.
Technically complex human simulators are a growing presence in medical training.
Xu was revealed as a technically brilliant, insightful musician of seemingly limitless potential.
Cloisonné is a slow and technically difficult process, which has always made it expensive and highly sought after.
Humans, in many ways, are a reasonably functional design for a technically sophisticated creature.
Such a pickup is technically called horizontal or lateral gene transfer.
Apparently both sides will license each other's technology, meaning that technically neither side won the dispute.
One is known technically as kin selection, and familiarly as nepotism.
But technically possible doesn't mean politically feasible.
Both of these links contain current, technically reliable information.
Even if the takeover was technically a hostile one, it was not the first.
Although not technically of the same kind of doctoring, it is known that all regimes build myth by falsifying photographs.
Technically speaking, this isn't really a dilemma in the stricter sense.
It is now widely accepted that averting serious climate change is technically feasible and economically affordable.
Flying snakes are technically better gliders than their more popular mammalian equivalents, the flying squirrels.
It's technically a low residency program, not an all online degree.
Technically there was nothing inevitable about this week's collapse.
The fast reactor concept, while technically intriguing, is likely to be even more of an economic problem.
Although steep and strenuous, it's not a technically demanding route-more thrill than skill.
Although sight is not technically part of taste, it certainly influences perception.
So, while the scenario is technically feasible, it's not all that probable.
While testing may be difficult, it is technically feasible.
The structure is technically known as a scleral ring and acts not only as a proxy for eye size.
Technically, yes, it could exist parallel to our universe.
These nebulae, which are not technically related to planets, are gas clouds forced outward by a dying star.
Technically, you should not be able to show motion in a still photograph.
Huge expandable volume and enough straps to be technically efficient.
Technically, the work they do is supposed to be tied to their degrees.
So much for our validation of the brightest and best--engineers are technically trained but don't approach philosophy students.
Perhaps you're curious whether what we're undertaking couldn't technically be called a vacation.
Aqua's undulating façade is even more technically ingenious than it looks.
It's a wet method, technically, since the food doesn't roast but steams in its own juices.
Technically, all the talk about records is accurate.
Their improvisations were more interesting technically than musically.
Technically, the only people they report to are the shareholders.
Although he was technically alive, he would never again wake up.
Exploiting them will be technically tricky, and is probably decades away.
When so many people are technically breaking the law, it is up to prosecutors to decide whom to pursue.
He is, technically, an accomplice to a serious set of crimes.
Technically simply and easy service can be offered free of charge financed by advertising.
Though the economy is technically out of recession, it does not feel that way to a lot of voters.
Technically speaking its growth is exponential going to any arbitrary high number.
Technically, the world's first fully fledged open-source virtual currency is a marvel.
Technically, it's a fully featured recording studio once used to capture voice-overs and sound effects.
The project's engineers were sure that, technically, the machine worked.
At large companies, products that are technically promising are terminated if the marketing potential is thought to be too small.
Some may have become discouraged, technically left the workforce, and weren't counted.
While technically public information, these lists were often jealously controlled by local party bosses.
It may be technically correct that the incapacitated are not unemployed.
Technically correct, because his business is foreign intelligence.
Technically, land is still owned by a collective, such as a village.
The plan is rather complicated, but it is both legally and technically sound.
It is easy to demonstrate that the details of the story are technically flawed.
But the question of technology isn't necessarily what is technically feasible, but what is financially feasible.
Retreating glaciers are only preparing to have another go at it and, technically, are not retreating.
Cellulosic ethanol would be better than corn, if and when it becomes technically feasible, but it would still use arable land.
Technically, it keeps the moon in orbit around the sun.
We're still technically in the tail end of the last ice age.
So even though the conversation, technically, often drifts of topic it still has value in my opinion.
But, these issues can be technically challenging and a face-to-face debate does not lend itself well to such issues.
Smaller or simpler structures aren't technically alive.
Running on not so renewables is technically possible at twenty times the cost of nuclear power minimum.
Yes it is both technically and in principal possible.
But low-cost does not necessarily mean low-risk or technically routine.
Being in the normal range of both weapons, it then technically favors neither.
All of these involved acts that are technically illegal but that many people take part in, such as speeding or tax-dodging.
In fact, eating is more technically correct than colliding.
While it would suck to have one of those happen, and they are technically dangers, it's not correct to call it dangerous.
Technically, the extrinsic curvature of the relevant spacetime foliation is non-zero.
Technically, technically you are correct about science never being settled.
It is true that you technically cannot judge a works by the affiliations of its author.
New exhaust-control devices, although technically far from perfect, would be required on old as well as new cars.
Venter hasn't done that yet, which is why even he won't say that he has technically invented life.
The bad news is that it's not technically a star sign.
They also face the threat of medical bankruptcy, despite being technically insured.
Outlines the basic steps needed to develop technically based local limits.
To be determined technically acceptable, the offeror must be technically acceptable in each of the areas identified.
So the term technically recoverable applies to all of those.
Award will be made to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation is low price technically acceptable.

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