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Teasing out the details of such relationships keep paleontologists quite busy.
Teasing out relationships among prehistoric animals is a comparative science.
Teasing these two apart is an enormous challenge for today's sociologists, psychologists, and evolutionary psychologists.
Teasing out the causes of this autoimmune disorder is a daunting challenge.
What would be a lot more interesting than this obvious correlation would be teasing apart various causation.
But the work of teasing out epigenetic modifications and their effects is arduous.
Researchers are teasing apart the processes in the brain that give rise to various fears in monkeys.
Her husband would not stop teasing her about her excessive haste.
His endless teasing, his brief but daily phone calls.
It sounds as if somebody outside is teasing me by flinging fistfuls of pebbles onto my roof.
Teasing out the meaning of something intricate and difficult, then standing firmly behind that explanation.
But the city does rather lend itself to such teasing.
Now, thanks to a series of complementary innovations, geneticists have begun teasing apart the complexity.
Her fine hands allowed her to flick and twirl the muleta, luring the bull and teasing him, with extraordinary artistry.
Same teasing of the strong, same muffled terror of the uncertain.
The tone is never accusatory, always teasing, but comes with a hint of shock.
Letting the contrivance reveal itself, or teasing at the edges of being objective.
Teasing causation from cross-sectional data is challenging.
He also affords us the teasing pleasure of a code based upon the zodiacal figures.
After years of teasing announcements and endless talk, the era of the hydrogen fuel cell has finally arrived.
While party-goers thrilled at the miracle fruit's tongue-teasing trick, scientists were equally intrigued.
Teasing out the answers is difficult, in part because early exposure can have effects observed only much later in life.
Thanks for teasing out the subtlety and nuance for us uneducated retired laypeople.
Other groups began teasing out the reconsolidation process molecule by molecule.
Maybe they were sick of people throwing things at them and teasing them.
On a much-too-regular basis, the disease serves me up with a teasing special of the day, or a flavor of the month.
Between shots, he pinwheels around the set, teasing the crew and other actors or loudly psyching himself up for the next shot.
She was friendly, teasing, and accessible in a way that members of the royal family rarely are.
No matter how much teasing there was, she never acknowledged it.
It unleashes the tongue, teasing out secrets you never meant to tell, secrets you never even knew.

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