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Example sentences for tears

Clay's eloquence, wit and mellifluous voice were known to move listeners to tears.
Seeing the painting in the article brought tears to her eyes.
Shocked and on the verge of tears, she asked me to explain.
She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands.
Music is known to induce terror and tears, as well as inspire dance.
The voltage tears apart the air molecules and the gas begins to glow.
It cries loudly, moans, and sheds graphic little tears.
Your eyes are barely open now, filled with tears from the smoke.
He woke up this morning sad with tears welling up in his eyes.
While they may be too sick for lengthy visits, some are so happy to see him that it brings them to tears.
The crashing snow tears down trees, giving berry bushes a place to grow.
And some researchers believe their findings could help us understand why many human relationships also end in tears.
He tears his flatbread in two and shoves a piece into my hands with a smile.
As a hail of shrapnel pierces flesh and breaks bones, the shock wave tears lungs and crushes other internal organs.
Their blood, sweat, and tears send them to the streets.
The gesture was beyond bursting into tears, and her accent made it sound all the more dramatic.
Meeting people or seeing them off is a ceremony laced with tears, fragrant with red roses.
There were well-rehearsed jokes and solemn speeches, and somewhat more spontaneous hugs and tears.
It is the wisdom of crocodiles, that shed tears when they could devour.
The soldier was so much moved that he was ready to shed tears of tin, but that would not have been fitting.
Sometimes he committed his vows to written tablets, and often hung at her door garlands which he had moistened with his tears.
Two big tears were descending slowly from the corners of the eyes to the corners of the mouth.
She would set off whistling then, joyously abandoning the screams and tears of her family falling apart.
Displays of excessive enthusiasm for particular new technologies often end in tears.
But they had long fretted that the process would end in tears.
And this will end in tears, he predicts, for a simple reason.
Maybe nothing will change as a result, and they'll comfort themselves by drying their tears with gold leaf.
Pundits plead for a blood-sweat-and-tears speech on the economic crisis, but she has yet to deliver it.
She fought tears after finishing her balance beam routine that went awry from the start.
Rescuers in tears hugged each other at the scene, which was broadcast live on national television.
The first interpreter stormed out of the courtroom in tears because she found the facts of the case disturbing.
It was something that had not needed to be said before, and now his tears were saying it.
The tears you shed arrive once you realize and accept all the self-exposure going on here makes you feel vulnerable, too.
He kissed her in the moonlight, and one night he even covered her hands with kisses and hot tears, too.
Nor was it the kind of laughter that cheats by turning in the end to tears, or by needing reinforcement with imagery.
They brought me bitter news to hear, and bitter tears to shed.
The family and staff look on, dabbing tears, and it's a genuinely moving scene.
She breaks into tears, overcome with the stress of months of deception.
He would, if he had to, reduce his actors to tears until he achieved what he wanted.
Building slowly, she delivered a rousing speech as tears streamed down her angry face.
Some of us need to make it on our knees, and some of us do it with blood, sweat and tears.
Inside half a mile he's moving fast enough that wind-induced tears course down his cheeks.
His sister wrapped her arms around him, and they rocked together, in tears.
In staff meetings, she'd go away in tears, because she didn't really understand.
Some had tears in their eyes as well-wishers reached out to shake hands or give them hugs.

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