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Tear cooked meat into coarse shreds or cut into thin slices.
But a lovely brown egg, making me nearly shed a tear.
Tear off a little basil while you're in the garden, and nibble it while you pick a handful of shelling peas.
Sarcasm does tear the flesh but humor and wit is a different story and often confused with the corniest of joke tellers.
Poverty rates are dropping, consumer demand is rising and infrastructure development is on a tear.
They use their strong claws to tear them open and they use their saliva-covered, two-feet-long tongues to gather prey.
Amid a flurry of banners and a cloud of dust each year, the horses tear down the track.
The animals use their keen sense of smell to detect termite mounds and anthills and tear them open with strong claws.
He repeatedly tried to tear off his gown and had to be restrained.
Anteaters use their keen sense of smell to detect termite mounds and anthills and tear them open with their strong claws.
Keas will tear windshield wipers from cars, shred unguarded clothing and backpacks and raid cabins.
We need a reminder of the past, not to tear everything down, that is never the answer.
The houses are probably standing only because the city lacks the funds to tear them down.
During a subsequent protest, police attacked him with tear gas and dragged him from his car in full view of television cameras.
Instead, it forced them out with a barrage of tear gas and a siege.
Employment has barely grown and unemployment is near its peak, but profits are on a tear.
They were driven back by rubber bullets and tear gas, but sporadic protests have continued and tensions remain high.
Inflation ate away at the value of money in circulation, while wear and tear reduced the amount.
They are also subject to more wear and tear than turbines protected by huge amounts of concrete.
For the first time since records began, the majority of the gangs' scoff-law membership is not tear-away youths, but adults.
After then trying to flee, he was attacked with tear gas.
It is one of several structures too tainted to enter and, for the moment, too expensive to tear down.
They could not be seen to abandon a longstanding ally at the first whiff of tear-gas.
Water cannons and tear gas were used to dispel the crowds.
The fuss is hardly enough to make the government tear up its anti-terrorism strategy.
Tear down their old houses and build new apartments.
The new filters improved performance, and greatly reduced the wear and tear on the engine compressors.
To avoid this costly wear and tear, researchers are taking lessons from a desert native: the yellow fat-tail scorpion.
Under such conditions trapped air can expand and tear fragile tissues in the lungs' air sacs.
The other giveaway of their abrasive choice of food is the orcas' dental wear and tear.
The other two thirds of risk was attributable to direct biological wear and tear from living constantly in fight-or-flight mode.
Tear bread into pieces and transfer to blender with water.
With a small knife, tear any membrane remaining in bottoms of eggshells.
Working from large cavity end, gently run your fingers between skin and meat to loosen skin, being careful not to tear skin.
Small tear-drop shaped holes on a hand-held grater: small, yet sturdy shreds that read well for food photography.
The gears of a transmission, in particular, are vulnerable to wear and tear from the erratic surging of ocean waves.
The lenses have sets of electrodes that push current through tear fluid, detecting tiny amounts of glucose.
Using dreams and emotions to tie you up in knots to tear your soul out with sound.
Give a scientist some loose budget and free time and he'll tear down your paradigm.
When the density of space become too thin, it will tear.
It would try and replace old parts while reducing wear-and-tear on current parts.
Frequent power outages-sometimes three or four a day-disrupt work and add to the wear and tear on computers.
Farmers tear up their plants and put in more stable crops.
Printed on tear-resistant, waterproof material, this map can go anywhere you do.
The egg tooth is used to tear through the shell and is discarded when the snake first sheds its skin.
The ratel uses its sharp claws to tear apart the hive.
Others show the wear and tear that comes from over-visitation.
Sometimes the fans go overboard to the point where the police guarding the field fire tear gas the crowd to calm them down.

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