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Taxis weren't operating at all because the drivers had called a strike before the convention began.
He tries to mix things up, hopping into a store and switching between taxis and the city's rundown tramway.
And since the plane taxis up to the customs office, it's as if you've got a personal agent at each stop as part of the bargain.
Lots of city buses and trains will mean fewer people driving around in cars and taxis that cause pollution.
Communal taxis ply the countryside, and major car-rental agencies have operations in the larger cities.
Taxis are stationed outside major hotels and also can be flagged down near shopping and other attractions.
DC taxis recently ditched their fare zone system and installed meters in every cab.
Foreigners are also advised to be cautious about taking taxis from popular expat bars and clubs, especially late at night.
Water surrounds and there aren't shuttles or ferries or water taxis to take people easily from island to island.
Taxis can be found outside major hotels, but they're not commonly flagged down in the street and must be called on the phone.
Taxis from a reliable taxi stand are an inexpensive way to reach your destination quickly.
Taxis are relatively easy to find downtown, or ask your hotel or restaurant to call one for you.
Chartered planes, air taxis and corporate tenants support this airport today.
Use pre-booked taxis when possible instead of hailing one from the street.
Official metered taxis are white or yellow and can be found at taxi stands throughout the city.
Tourists may be more comfortable traveling in taxis or on buses, although these vehicles are not always properly maintained.
Car rentals, shuttles, public transportation and taxis are available at the airport.
Bus transportation is often the main way to travel in rural parts of the country where railways and taxis are scarce.
White taxis with the sentry lock insignia are sanctioned.
Taxis, rental cars and chauffeured transfer service are also available from both locations.
The hotel provides on-site transportation via water taxis and shuttle buses.
In addition to taxis, a shuttle bus is available to take tourists downtown.
Both individuals and companies operate taxis, the former without a meter and the latter with a meter.
They are slightly more expensive than taxis, and service can be uneven, but they allow you to avoid taxi-stand lines.
The plan to retrofit taxis to make them wheelchair accessible is expensive and inefficient.
In public transport on the road you have taxis at one end of the spectrum and large buses at the other.
Selling a thousand more medallions would put a thousand more taxis on the streets.
Being able to rely on good public transit or an ample fleet of taxis would really improve the nightlife here.
Hundreds of taxis helped ferry the injured to hospitals in the city.
Yes, but poor people pay for all taxis and no the reaches.
These tags will mean that hotels, airlines and taxis will have no excuse for not being able to reunite people with their stuff.
Today they are called night clubs, and another generation rolls up to them in taxis, instead of hansom cabs.
How sad that all the people who would know how to run this country are driving taxis or cutting hair.
The team previously found that the routes they gleaned from taxis were faster than routes provided by major mapping services.
Taxis returned to the streets followed by traffic police, and gasoline began to trickle back to the gas stations.
There are practically no taxis, almost no functioning traffic lights.
Taxis exist on the other side of the border, as do local buses.
Being privileged is taking taxis as your only form of public transportation.
Commuters push past him on the sidewalk, and in the background, yellow taxis fight their way through traffic.
Similar bargains are available for trips, guides, taxis and rentals.
Airport taxis are located fronting the baggage claim area.
In many communities, drivers can purchase their own taxis or limousines and go into business for themselves.
As a result of this new plan, owners will be required to replace their taxis with hybrid vehicles.
For the truly adventurous, air taxis are used for backcountry dropoffs for wilderness campers and backpackers.
The regulations are usually aimed at preventing an oversupply of taxis and providing convenient, affordable, and safe service.
We have recently heard from some residents that taxis will not always respond to requests for short distances.
It also costs less than shuttles, taxis, rental cars or driving and parking.

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