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But the growing impact of tourism is also taxing the world's highest mountain.
The nonprofit also recommends taxing the externalities produced by large-scale, environmentally damaging agribusinesses.
Taxing activities and lifestyles and goods and services and the air is not going to happen, not on this planet.
Consuming them-toggling for hours between the incommensurable functions of reading and looking-is taxing.
In his second year there, he went as far as to ask the downtown boss whether he couldn't perhaps be given a less taxing job.
The idea is to come up with something you can do that will be useful without being too taxing.
Speakers call for taxing corporations and the wealthy, not cutting education and social services.
It is perhaps even more demanding and taxing than clinical work.
He went on to allow as how he enjoyed writing and didn't find it all that taxing.
Granted my years are never as taxing as that first year.
Taxing bad habits could also pay for the health care they will need.
For a host of reasons, their theory goes, lying is more mentally taxing than telling the truth.
They are taxing my gas and now they are going to start taxing my use of gas.
Taxing the oil or gasoline is not the answer as it taxes all consumers equally.
They have no idea about taxing work out of the country.
Adding batteries is a way to recoup energy from braking and add it during acceleration, or for use when taxing in confined spaces.
EU legislators have enthusiastically supported taxing airline emissions, approving the law last year.
It is therefor convenient for the taxing authority to demonise the habit so that they can keep raising the taxes.
So taxing junk food might actually work, that would make those items more expensive than foods that are better for you.
Only the few where he is attacking someone of the same level of training would be physically taxing.
Taxing for the cost of pollution, removing subsidies on fossil fuels, regulating emissions all require government intervention.
Government jobs are subsidized by taxing the private sector.
She felt that she had grown as a clinician and mastered a complex and taxing practice.
Given the billions spent by all taxing bodies the return on the investment is miserable.
To avoid taxing investments twice, such a system would get rid of corporate taxes.
To me, fairness would suggest taxing behaviour that poses a negative externality to everyone else.
For example, by taxing work the income tax induces people to remain unemployed.
With no natural predators, herd sizes can double every four years, taxing the land and the animals that share it.
But so could taxing candy, ice cream and fried foods.
It's taxing the public for holding currency too long.
Taxing meats with a surcharge that would go into a fund to care for people with meat-induced illnesses would be one approach.
Monetizing its obligations, rather than borrowing or taxing to pay them.
Underneath the questions of taxing and spending are deep resentments and fears spawned by the end of the industrial age.
However, the question of whether you should try to fix it by taxing the rich more isn't irrelevant.
Driving is now seen as something that is taxing if not enslaving.
It promised to pay for this tax break for multinational companies by, well, taxing multinational companies.
We must trust the good and trustworthy politicians who promise to lower the seas and make the weather colder by taxing the air.
Attempting to control people via taxing is disgusting.
The world has walked away from taxing the air to make the weather colder, ie climate change.
She could not climb the stairs to her bedroom without help, and even the lightest chores were taxing.
It isn't taxing in terms of the basic math you need, but the notation can be a bit daunting.
My guess is someone would have come up with the microwave without taxing me to fund the research.
Instead of taxing you, they're borrowing money, which will make your paycheck worth less.
They will make it legal it's a mater of time the economy needs the extra money from taxing people.
Nothing here is too taxing-though some choices are more sustaining than others.
Yet even he conceded that his current job has been taxing.
Seminar aims to make unemployment taxes less taxing.
Certain cities provide addresses located within a special taxing jurisdiction.

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