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Directed taxation funds public works, some of them large-scale.
Too often the discussion of taxation is clouded in a semi-religious ideology as apposed to imperial truth.
It can either do so via the marketplace through taxation or through the law through regulation.
Governments should be structure taxation to stimulate scientific research.
Get an honest job and/or support representation by taxation, would be my pill for you, if not for everyone here.
We should pursue broad policies, such as investment in education and progressive income taxation.
Still others look at policies, such as trade openness or lightness of taxation.
It is true that by exempting savings from taxation this reform would narrow the tax base.
To single out the estate tax as some sort of especially noxious form of double taxation is simply silly.
We need to stop the heavy taxation and control our spending.
First, it is incorrect to say the estate tax amounts to double taxation.
The distinction between spending and taxation is often murky and sometimes meaningless.
And in the case of dividend and capital gains taxation, the economy can have its cake and eat it too.
And the administration's effort to overhaul corporate taxation poses special challenges.
But it would leave the regulation and taxation entirely up to counties and cities.
The provision is intended for companies to avoid double taxation, but acts as a windfall for the oil industry.
Furthermore, taxation imposes large deadweight losses on the economy, which makes us all poorer.
In doing so, they will use the trio of regulation, enforcement and taxation.
Economic theory has a lot to say about efficient systems of taxation.
If it can do all these things, it can take away not only the power to tax but the subjects of taxation as well.

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