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Example sentences for tax evasion

On the other hand, you don't hear much in lore about tax evasion because it has never really been socially acceptable.
Of course, visions of floating state evasion cannot always be explained by a hankering for tax evasion.
All of these things are true, but they do not add up to tax evasion, or even tax avoidance.
He made so much money, to the extent that he served time for tax evasion.
As sure as night follows day, this would generate more tax evasion and a political backlash.
He remains under investigation on various other charges, including tax evasion.
Tax evasion is a serious problem for many governments.
Economic growth has fallen short of forecasts, while the government has faced problems cracking down on tax evasion.
Its biggest reform, though, may be one taking place silently and without high-profile legislation: a clampdown on tax evasion.
Nowadays moonshiners prefer tax evasion to insurrection to protect their trade.
In a second trial, for tax evasion, the proceedings were suspended and can be resumed immediately.
The customs system has three main problems: inefficiency, tax evasion and outright corruption.
Tax evasion is so rife here that the provision of a receipt is an onerous imposition.
It is not surprising that tax evasion, illegal building and corruption all seem to have increased over the past five years.
Both tax evasion and illegal building, encouraged by repeated amnesties, seem to be on the rise.
Additional tax hikes will harm growth, induce tax evasion, and may only have a small effect on revenues.
He was given the opportunity to apply for reinstatement a year later but was in prison for tax evasion.
Tax evasion is a serious crime punishable by imprisonment, fines, and the imposition of civil penalties.
The program funds projects to reduce motor fuel tax evasion.
Fill out the form shown below to report suspected tax evasion or fraud.
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