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Example sentences for tawny

Usually a tawny-light brownish color, they may also be gray or reddish.
The next quality level, with more body and concentration, is tawny port.
Tawny frogmouths blend in with tree bark and stumps while sleeping during the day.
There is a cruel, beautiful, tawny face with pursed lips and shifty eyes.
Tawny owls and hen harriers swoop to the ground to grab mice or other small creatures for their next meal.
Coyote yelps ring from the shadows of a giant saguaro as brilliant sunlight slips down tawny mountain slopes.
Some vintage style and tawny ports are meant to be drunk chilled.
Few dessert wines equal wood-aged tawny port in inducing feelings of well-being.
Reflecting pools brimmed to overflowing, and already the tawny hills looked greener.
The whole facade works together as a tawny tapestry of the art of clay.
The lion is drawn with storm clouds overhead, gusty swirls of wind and splatters of rain surrounding his tawny brawn.
In a walk-in cage a tawny eagle, huge and powerfully built, was trying and failing to flap a cast-bound wing.
Tawny against the brown leaves of the riverbank brush, the animal was almost perfectly camouflaged.
Lights moved restlessly along the bank of the river, striking no answering reflection from its tawny current.
Many of the rooms and baths have original wood beams, and all the baths are done in tawny marble.
The lady is tough, tawny and tempting, and let's let it go at that.
They are actually tawny and brown with cream or white colored undersides.
The bases of the panicle branches are enclosed in an inflated, tawny spathe as long or longer than the spikelet.
The cougar has a long slender body, yellowish-brown or tawny, with a long brown-tipped tail.
The upper wing coverts are dark brown with some tawny and whitish mottling and often a hint of the red shoulder.
Adults tawny to gray or olivaceous dorsally, lighter ventrally.
The short fur is usually tawny, more tan in the summer months and grayer in winter.
In the fall, the leaves turn a tawny brown and gradually melt into the duff.
The adult coat is a uniform tan or tawny color with a white or cream colored chin, undersides, and inside the legs.
Brown lemmings are tawny or reddish-colored year-round, although they may turn more grayish in summer.

Famous quotes containing the word tawny

The sun on my whiteness and your tawny gold. Without looking I see through my lashes the iridescence on bla... more
No sleep. The sultriness pervades the air And binds the brain—a dense oppression, such As tawny tigers fe... more
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