tautological in a sentence

Example sentences for tautological

It's one of those wonderful tautological arguments that has never had evidence in support of it, and is wrong.
In fact, the author of this article is guilty of the same tautological conclusions that he pins to those he attacks.
The idea of the genius-madman is a tiresome one: sentimental, tautological, demeaning to artists.
The theory of natural selection is tautological, or a form of circular reasoning.
As conspicuous as the conceit itself is the punning and tautological spirit in which it is deployed.
In addition, his definition is partly tautological in saying that intelligence is that which is protected by counterintelligence.
Philosophically, this question is either tautological or it is unanswerable.
Hence, there are no tautological issues involved in using these variables to predict default events.

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There is also a reasonable tolerance: reason tolerates the reasonable. It is, however, almost tautological ... more
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