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There is only one appliance, a high-quality grill large enough to handle several cooking tasks at once.
The people, introspectively focused on their own tasks, seem fully aware of their partner's role.
It is relaxing work, one of the few truly restful tasks of this entire field season.
The study's conclusion was that tasks with unpredictable, seemingly random outcomes tend to elicit rituals and eccentric behavior.
Once the matter was corrected they would perform tasks asked of them.
Because accomplishing these tasks is a way of not doing something more important.
Routine tasks that you perform every day can become blurred in your memory because they are so similar day to day.
By keeping your tasks visible and easy to access, you're much more likely to see them and complete your tasks.
For every extra hour you spend on these tasks, your dollars-per-hour rate diminishes.
Other responsibilities include student advising and recruitment, scholarship, and service oriented tasks.
Each of these tasks tends to come with its own statutory bodies.
Each of these tasks requires my full attention, but the juggling of all tasks simultaneously often seems overwhelming.
These are a few of the tasks where a conference app might prove useful.
Research and recommend innovative, and where possible automated approaches for system administration tasks.
Of the many tasks required of a development professional, serving on search committees ranks among my favorites.
Employees may be directed to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.
It may be useful to chart the time your staff currently spends on fundraising-related tasks.
It's a little word responsible for simple, everyday tasks.
Many professional positions require report writing or similar tasks whose strategies might work.
Some service tasks will consign you to comparative obscurity.
Many busy people rely upon a reminder system to ensure that important tasks or appointments don't get overlooked.
They have noticed that he focuses intensely on his tasks regardless of his surroundings.
Preparing notes and bibliographies in a consistent style has long been one of the less glamorous tasks of academic writing.
Under the mental tasks he imposed upon her, her health became impaired and she was overstimulated intellectually and emotionally.
They carried to their tasks uncritical enthusiasms and made good books which, nevertheless, had some serious defects.
Howbeit go to thy chamber and mind thine own housewiferies, the loom and distaff, and bid thy handmaids ply their tasks.
But the answer is that with few tools and many tasks to do much fudging is in fact necessary.
Milner found that he was capable of learning complicated tasks without even realizing it.
It may turn out that these crows are also better than other species of related organisms at solving tasks not involving tools.
We cut off our oxygen-already low-and set about our tasks.
Simple tasks requiring a thousand minute computations.
Work to fit into the group by helping with chores, carrying loads, and doing other daily tasks.
Improving efficiency is about choosing the right technologies to use less energy for the same tasks.
Lesson learned from yesterday was to have people out there in shifts on specific tasks so they could work more efficiently.
And since we're wasting so much energy now, some of the first tasks would be relatively easy.
They simply enjoy tasks that are drudgery to normal people.
Tiny devices are even being placed into the human body to perform useful tasks.
Given that people with schizophrenia tend to perform poorly in any test, tasks at which they excel are both rare and revealing.
Some, such as herding sheepdogs, have been bred for tasks that seem to involve a lot of intelligence.
Within each team a worker is expected to be able to do all the tasks required of the team.
The body was divided up neatly into organs and systems that each had well-defined tasks.
As the division of global labour becomes ever more fine-grained, small tasks rather than whole industries move abroad.
And they will empower many brain-workers to focus on what they are best at and contract out more tedious tasks to others.
Either way, cutting the deficit is likely to be one of his hardest tasks.
How well they perform these tasks is a touchy question.
And that points to two internal tasks and two external ones.
But the tasks they face this time round are quite different, in two big ways.
Identifying and preserving paintings is one of the gallery's essential tasks.
Agents can also be given group tasks, which in turn may be influenced by their own group dynamics.
One of the first tasks of the single unified body would be to produce a coherent regulatory framework for the industry.
Complete the challenging tasks when you're at your peak and do the routine tasks when you're experiencing a mid-afternoon slump.
Prioritize the tasks and find out what any vague wording really means.
Yet there are also products for more practical tasks: recycling and saving energy.
Thought to optimize levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, enhancing concentration and turning mundane tasks into wondrous ones.
If you think you're being efficient when you perform three tasks at once, think again.
The ability to respond to texture and pressure is essential for delicate tasks, such as surgery.
Humans cooperate on all sorts of issues and tasks, but every so often a member of the group fails to pull his weight.
Each study found that people in a bad mood performed tasks better than those in a good mood.
When it comes time to perform difficult tasks, octopuses do their best impression of humans, according to a new report.
Brains do not, however, talk to us about how they perform those impressive tasks.
Finally, a series of sequential retrieval tasks showed that the memory erasure was highly selective.
People who inject or snort insulin immediately get better at recalling stories and performing other memory tasks.
Experienced meditators are calmer in their response to daily stress and perform better at tasks that require focused attention.
The hemispheres of the brain normally operate in concert, but there are subtle differences in their tasks.
Miniaturizing robotic components to perform tasks inside the body poses novel engineering challenges.
People lose their capacity to perform simple, everyday tasks and show impairments in intellectual abilities such as planning.
All this is rather suggestive of a large test program to unravel the synesthetic roles of individual senses in specific tasks.
Many of their tasks, they complain, could be handled by workers with less training.
Apraxia is being unable to perform tasks or movements you've already learned, even though your muscles and senses work properly.
He began with a study of the relations between tasks and powers.
If air power could succeed in these tasks, then the bomber aircraft would prove a truly revolutionary weapon.
They had only to carry out a certain number of tasks, and in return they had cradle-to-grave care.
There are far too many tasks, domestically and internationally.
Few meritocrats are content to master pointless tasks.
All these tasks involve making judgments about who or what does or does not achieve a certain threshold of validity or excellence.
The smallest tasks demanded adventures in bureaucracy.
The trick is doing so in a way that casts immoral behavior as irrelevant to certain tasks, not okay and to be expected.
Part of the survey is devoted simply to finding out how often students perform certain tasks.
We know that robots can replace humans for a lot of tasks.
Someone who doesn't take their job seriously can really be a pain in the workplace, draining energy away from other tasks.
His main tasks are to build news apps and tools to help the journalists do their jobs.
Or maybe older doctors simply are less fond of computer tasks.
It's easy to imagine computers taking over more tasks handled now by low-level office workers or receptionists.
She goes about her daily tasks efficiently, but saves her emotions for her nighttime reading.
Inventing a sweetener with even a little of sugar's appeal is one of the hardest tasks in food science.
He has trained them to make resistors and plans to involve them in cleaning, agricultural and medical tasks.
Each boat's navigator sat alone, undisturbed by the crew and without other tasks to perform, absorbing the signals all around.
With radiation levels soaring, workers couldn't complete crucial tasks.
Many of these tasks are boring, such as finding addresses or counting things.
Our police manpower could be redirected to tasks of citizen protection.
But skilled professionals showed distinct left-hemisphere activation while performing the same tasks.
The tasks were, first, to get one or both engines restarted.
She was on firm footing now, doing the work she had done all her life, tasks that she believed were her rightful purview.
He pressed him to consider a system of rewards for those who performed extra tasks in the off-season.
New software promises to let laptop users accomplish complicated tasks without lifting their fingers from the touch pad.
People everywhere are consuming more and more wireless bandwidth to manage a wider variety of tasks.
As they become more popular, established companies and startups will need to expand the range of tasks they can perform.
The appeal of computer gaming is the personal involvement the students have in the tasks on the screens.
Others envision space planes handling a variety of tasks from rapid package delivery to suborbital microgravity experiments.
Machines can do their own set of valuable hearing tasks.
One of the main things preventing robots from lending a hand with everyday tasks is a simple lack of manual dexterity.
Even without a chronic illness, common tasks, such as cleaning the house become more difficult for the elderly.
And yet the brain outperforms the best computers in numerous tasks.
In an age in which increasingly complex tasks can be performed by semi-autonomous machines, robots have become the ultimate scabs.
The liver is a football-sized chemical plant responsible for several critical tasks, such as metabolism and bile secretion.
Our cells are packed with various protein-stuffed sacs, each dedicated to carrying out essential tasks.
The first group faced tasks that taxed their reasoning, planning and problem-solving abilities.
She and other investigators around the country are pinpointing areas of the brain that are uniquely suited for linguistic tasks.
Both tasks relied on the same cognitive control networks needed to overrule emotion.
But many language tasks show higher levels of activity in the left hemisphere.
Molecules that work well in one place are often pressed into service for similar tasks elsewhere in the body.
They perform complex developmental tasks, tasks that require precise dosage and exquisite timing.
Sometimes tooth abscesses develop in clearly localized and accessible regions, making incision and drainage relatively easy tasks.
Soon, creative tasks may consist primarily of picking from a menu of choices offered by a computer.
Still, from what she had told me, she would fall apart when tasks competed for her attention.
There are specializations throughout the brain that carry out particular tasks.
Despite having similar environments, genes and tasks, the two communities had their own specific approaches to the task.
After a hemisphere is forced to manage on its own, it can rewire itself to handle all the tasks of a full brain.
There is a plausible rationale for privatization-one that often makes sense in the short run and for specific tasks.
Other adults are incomprehensible beings who hide in offices all day, performing secret tasks.
Soldiers who carry out such tasks should wear protective equipment.
Even a garden-variety robot can memorize specific tasks.
Few tasks strike as much fear in my heart as installing new hardware on my computer.
The tasks are often menial, the responsibilities terrifying.
Taut nerves make the leaders snappish as they scurry about, pausing in little clots of prayer, then bustling to their tasks.
Chief among them: eating right, exercising and engaging in social activity and mentally challenging tasks.
It's one thing, albeit often misguided, for the agency to outsource certain tasks to contractors.
One of the many diverse photographic tasks that the average newspaper photographer has to perform is the hunt for feature photos.
Allow your creativity to flavor even mundane tasks you might as well have fun.
Here are two notable multifunction home monitoring systems that perform several home monitoring tasks.
Ignore outside distractions and concentrate on getting key tasks completed.
If you feel that you are being made to perform tasks that that are not in your job description, speak up for yourself.

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