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The subprime crisis has tarred the dollar as a subprime currency.
Externalities be damned and the first economist to employ that term tarred and feathered.
It's no surprise that a number of the companies tarred by allegations of dubious accounting share the same auditors.
Banana peels are discarded to be slipped upon, streets are freshly tarred to be stuck in.
Parade was tarred with a traitorous, dreyfusard brush, and consigned to oblivion.
In this first novel, a scandal-tarred lawyer tries to redeem himself.
The data should be organized by survey, tarred, and compressed for upload.
Installs damp courses, sheeting or coating on foundation work and tarred roofs.
Oakum is a tarred-hemp fiber commonly used to caulk ships.
The building is built of metal and wood with a single-ply tarred rubber roof.
While he was personally tarred with the disaster, the space agency's image and popular support were largely undamaged.
All seams were made water tight with a caulking of tarred hemp fibers.
Twine for tying shall be lightly tarred medium or coarse sisal yarn.

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