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For any country that doesn't go along with this effort, a tariff will be slapped on their imports to even out the playing field.
Extra charges are shown on a tariff card in the taxi.
The system worked pretty well even at a small scale, and a feed-in tariff set the financing with modest profit.
Federal revenues grew rapidly from sales of western lands and the tariff.
The question is, how quickly will each country agree to go to zero on the tariff charge of the products of the other groups.
But switching from non-tariff barriers to tariffs can go only so far to promote agricultural trade.
The lower the price of a module, the more attractive a feed-in tariff looks.
The sad thing about non-tariff barriers is the government does not collective revenue from this practice.
Lowering tariff walls round rich countries would increase poor farmers' exports.
Executives complain, though, that red tape and other non-tariff barriers are a far bigger hurdle.
Building factories in foreign countries was one way of jumping tariff barriers.
Once the quota is filled, a higher tariff is applied on additional imports.

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