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When you go to conferences as an acquisitions editor you are a target.
If you target a destination, you don't run into that problem.
Nor did she quote a single student or a single resident of the target neighborhood she visited.
The extensive engine collection ranges from early aircraft to rockets and target drone.
Imagine a day when a submarine could blast a target to smithereens using nothing more than acoustic energy.
Ask them how they get info on the target population.
Patchwork receptors target immune cells against cancer.
Every city is a potential battleground, every citizen a target.
First, the military can't intentionally target civilians.
His club has replaced the feather with a target painted on the lane.
Students fighting against the use of sweatshop labor to manufacture apparel and other college-licensed products have a new target.
Those discs that identified a target exploded dozens of metres up.
In any case, you need to target the programs that include your research interests.
Two global-positioning-system devices guide the researchers to their target.
He continues to grow as expected and is right on target for his age in growth and health.
First, target your portfolio to the audience or the publisher of your pictures.
Doctors have long sought a way to precisely target tumors with their chemical therapies.
Rate cuts have sometimes been implemented when inflation was above the target range.
But it has also proved a breeding ground for fraud and a target of censorship.
The trick was to target their pain areas, and not the whole body or brain.
First, there is a large carrier protein that forms a platform for the target.
If you use a refillable water bottle, put rubber bands around the base to mark your your target number of fill-ups.
Perhaps they could also use this to find a target unique to all strains of staph and then engineer a phage to exploit it.
Furthermore, erosion of pension benefits is an easy and fat target for elected officials.
The burial complex is a frequent target for modern-day grave robbers and was thought to have been looted of its riches.
To date, the program has intercepted target missiles in five of eight heavily scripted tests.
If both target molecules attach to it, they trigger the device to change shape.
Amid bad weather and turbulence in the dark of night, the plane overshot its target and got lost.
Over millions of years cone snails have evolved toxins that target specific species in specific environments.
And all of that imagery is never exactly replicated in the target language.
The question is how to arrange the movements so that all vehicles traverse their target sides in as short a time as possible.
With deeply-profiled panel members, studies can be conducted with an extensive range of specific target segments.
We learned that there are two kinds of archery--target archery and field archery.
Frequently their first target: the sailor at the ship's wheel.
After the actual storm, radar data confirmed that this part of the forecast was right on target.
These target satellites shattered into hundreds of small pieces.
Resident pods tend to prefer fish, while transient pods target marine mammals.
But it will serve as a target of sorts for the world to aim at.
Device identifies target then releases deadly payload.
After first checking out the target, one group had to putt the ball under a curtain obscuring the view.
The peptides isolated from the tarantula species target the same receptor as capsaicin, the fiery compound in hot chili peppers.
But ensuring that the gene reaches its target is no small feat.
Finally, the antibiotic target site within the bacteria can be altered.
One downside is that the target must be facing the light for it to work.
The danger in doing this is that if you mistakenly target machines that are not infected you could paralyze your network.
They home in on the scent of human breath and sweat and swiftly insert their needlelike mouthparts into the target's skin.
The small population of cells have remained enigmatic because they have been difficult to target specifically.
Therefore, once identified in humans, the manganese transporter could serve as a potential drug target.
The wave converges on the target, collapsing the vortex and generating fusion.
Agriculture, especially livestock farming, is a second target for growth.
For all the circling watch of her sister ship, the submarine-if still he lives-may get in a shot at the standing target.
The target company had its annual shoot, and the target company included all of the solid citizens of the town.
At the chosen spot they tether the beast to a stone, and make it a target for their bullets and arrows.
Journalists descended on a sleepy excavation site there and reported that it was a favorite target of looters.
Hooting civilians swigged from bottles as they used two dead abolitionist raiders for target practice.
They use snowmobiles, outboard motors and an explosive that detonates inside the target whale.
The principals often stood sideways to each other, sucking in their stomachs to narrow the target.
When you've got a target on your back, you can run and hide-or you can commission a study.
For many years, tenure has been a popular target for critics outside of higher education.
In academia, even to express concern about a student can make a prof a target of derision.
Start with your friends and track down someone who works at your target company.
Find out beforehand whether that is the case at your target agency.
First, there are two potential ways to approach a monetary policy target: rate-targeting and level-targeting.
All this targeted therapy, though, will be of little use if it is aimed at the wrong target.
The fund could well become a target for politicians used to scavenging for the wherewithal to buy votes.
It rebelled against last year's target, vowing to spread its adjustment over two years.
Between the horror picture and this target were two to eight neutral pictures.
Target-date funds may be better than the alternatives, since otherwise investors may take too much or too little risk.
The best performance occurs when the hedge fund attempts to get the target to change its strategy or put itself up for sale.
Instead, policymakers should focus on a nominal target, such as the price level.
Although they have different aims in mind, the two economists agree that the central bank should target inflation.
She instantly became a target for the town's military commanders.
One controls the distant drone, his hand on a joystick, ready to fire off a missile at a target below.
Some fish were trained to swim to a yellow target in the tank, and some were trained to move toward a blue target.
She wants a tour so she can get a more accurate knowledge of the enemy so she can target them in a better way.
The target of his desire changes the color of her hair every week and a half, which suggests that she is out of his league.
Many cancer researchers believe that therapies could be more effective if they target genetic aberrations in a patient's cancer.
When injected into the bloodstream, these particles target tumors' cell receptors with agents known as ligands.
Tumors lack such strong viral defenses, providing an easy target for viruses.
The level of fluorescence increases with the concentration of the chemical target.
But conventional methods shoot a beam of ions at the target.
The results confirm that viruses can be used to selectively target these cells.
They have all agreed that this is a good and worthy target.
Spider webs are great at catching flying insects, but they're an inviting target for walking ones.
They emerge in a tightly focused beam that is aimed at a target.
It's also a great target organ because it's small and enclosed.
The target of selection is normally the individual who carries an ensemble of genes of certain kinds.
Unfortunately, they're also effective on an unintended target-fish.
But they are both treating the brain as an organ that is the target of disease.
The target would flash up briefly in a random location.
But in one out of five cases, the disease seems to target only the spinal cord and brain stem.
The team's idea was to use the mousepox virus to induce an immune response that would target a mouse's eggs.
Tuberculosis is another target that is responding to focused efforts.
The changes have altered the protein's active site so that it's larger, more flexible and better at drawing in its target.
Its huge bulk drags the target to the ground and its muscled forelegs pin it down.
Tests exist that target the polymorphism, which crops up more frequently in certain populations.
What the researcher discovered, to his dismay, was that each splattered wildebeest soon became a target of predators.
Researchers have taken advantage of this ability and created viruses to target inanimate objects as well.
Advertisers would benefit, since they're always looking for ways to better target their messages to the right audiences.
Don't let it go up or the target won't get as much damage.
Big business is a common target for criticism for a variety of reasons.
Always their first aim was to find a concrete target, to visualize their cause in some definite and defiant opponent.
The fear is that deflation could eventually result if inflation is allowed to decline below its target.
Then, it established an energy price that would allow the utility to meet its revenue target at the expected level of sales.
So are attempts to figure out exactly who is the target of each song.
He has the potential target in his sites and is wondering whether to pull the trigger when security catches up with him.
He would rise up and fill the sky with lightning bolts, and he would become a target for them.

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