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He has a sugar orchard, where he taps twelve hundred trees and hopes soon to tap as many more in addition.
In it, there is a retired judge who taps his neighbors' phones in order to eavesdrop on their conversations.
The show is inconsequential, but the feeling into which it taps is not.
But that stinks for readers who now have to go through a few extra taps to buy new reads.
Ideally a positioning taps into our underlying human motivations.
To shovel away the snow, the local government usually taps less fortunate workers for temp jobs.
However, taps through the large switchboard at a newspaper or a government agency were not feasible, and were not installed.
The profusion of taps and faucets emitted a series of hollow clanks and groans, but no water.
The mirror test somehow taps into a higher level of it.
He slips a yellow plastic wedge into the cut and taps it delicately with his five-pound ax head.
Everyone did well distinguishing light taps from stronger taps.
And how about in the future when some new kind of mini sub goes underwater and unknowingly taps a hole in the rock.
When viewing them on the camera, a user taps on the device's touch screen to choose the object or area that should be in focus.
The roofing material withstands inclement weather and, on bright days, taps sunshine for electricity.
They take into account how much fossil fuel is on the regional electricity grid that the state taps into.
As it moves, the aye-aye taps a tree with its long fingers.
When there is little rain, the saguaro taps into this tank.
Other neighborhoods have city water piped into their homes but see their taps turned on for only an hour per week.
After dipping them in pigment, he or she taps them into the skin with a mallet.
He noticed that in winter, the water taps were usually kept fully open so the water would run continuously and not freeze.
To reduce our water use we've decreased the flow of water from our taps and removed unnecessary water use.
And if prices fall too far for comfort the taps will be turned off on the fresh supplies they have offered.
It wants more clinical research on hand-washing, and more taps close to latrines.
Despite their hesitations, the government told them to open the taps.
Echelon pushes chips for everything from trains to beer taps.
Swipes and taps accompanied by satisfying robotic sound effects.
Add an item to your wish list or buy it on the spot with a few taps.
The technology could also benefit from osmotic desalination, which taps similar membranes to deliver clean water.
Contrary to the popular image, that water wouldn't flow straight from their toilets to their taps.
After rushing me to the hospital and seeing me go through two spinal taps, my parents heard the dreaded diagnosis: polio.
Industrial machinery may contain transformers with many input and output taps.

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