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Example sentences for taproot

Pull dandelions while they're small, before they produce a taproot and set seed.
Wild chervil is difficult to control because of its extremely deep taproot and its resistance to herbicides.
Wild parsnip has a long, cone-shaped fleshy thick taproot.
Hand pulling that removes the taproot may be practical for managing small populations.
The majority of the taproot has to be removed to prevent regrowth.
It has a large, woody taproot with fibrous rhizomes that form a dense mat.
Other trees, such as the elm or maple, do not have a dominant taproot.
Growing from a deep taproot, its upright stems have numerous spreading branches giving the plant a ball shape.
It sends down a fast growing taproot which enables it to obtain moisture from many levels.
It is a low growing shrubby plant that grows from a woody crown and taproot.
Unlike the annual common flax grown for oil and fiber, blue flax is a perennial with a long taproot.
Yellow wild buckwheat is perennial from a heavy woody taproot and reddish multiple root crown.
White prairie clover is perennial from a heavy taproot and hardened stem base.
Older plants usually have several stems from a heavy taproot.
Perennial forb with an erect stem connected to a stout taproot.
Large taproot recently exploited as immune system booster in teas and vitamins.
The thick taproot of this perennial plant penetrates deep underground.
Bent-flowered milk-vetch is a low, bushy branched perennial from a woody taproot.
During the rosette phase, teasel develops a large taproot.
Several dozen stems arise from the crown of a heavy taproot.
The long taproot of this perennial penetrates deep underground.
The root system of alfalfa is characterized by a large-diameter, long, almost-straight taproot.
Slender locoweed is perennial from a heavy taproot topped by a knobby underground crown called a caudex.
The many slender branches curve outward and upward from the crown of a heavy perennial taproot.
Tine-leaved milk-vetch is a coarse perennial with a woody taproot below a subsurface woody caudex.
Up to two dozen slender stems curve upward and outward from the top of the slender taproot.
Our plants are usually less than a foot tall and have a taproot less than three inches long.
Smooth hawk's-beard is a native perennial from a taproot.
Annual eriogonum is an annual or sometimes biennial forb from a slender tan taproot.
Grows up to six feet tall with a coarse, wooly, partially woody stem connected to a strong taproot.
Pulse milk-vetch is perennial from a branched base atop a woody taproot.
Several stems usually grow from the crown of a taproot.
Occidental hawk's-beard is perennial from a taproot.
Plains sweet-broom is perennial from a thickened base atop a heavy taproot.
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