tantrum in a sentence

Example sentences for tantrum

Data that doesn't fit your case, gets a temper tantrum.
And when the consequences happened, she would have an hourlong temper tantrum.
So they panicked and then threw a great tantrum because the world was obviously not conforming to their delusions.
But don't let me hear you complain when your houses get cold cause they turned off the taps from a tantrum.
She simply doesn't take the tantrum personally because, after all, it's not about her.
It's an emotional revenge-oriented tantrum that shares certain characteristics with violent criminal behavior itself.
The little one throws a tantrum, the older one yells at her.
It's harder to throw a tantrum at work and not face consequences.
If it doesn't happen, the chefs themselves might well throw a tantrum.
If you had any doubt about that, last week's tantrum should have convinced you.
Claimant engages in tantrum behaviors, such as screaming and running off.

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Managing a tantrum involves nothing less than the formation of character. Even the parent's capacity to cop... more
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