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As a result, captive panda studies are of tantamount importance.
That's because a fully functioning ecology is tantamount to tangible wealth.
They trust each other with their careers, which among many academics is tantamount to trusting each other with their lives.
Inquiring into and articulating the factors that contribute to crime isn't tantamount to excusing it.
But whether society should treat immersion in video games as a risk tantamount to abusing drugs and alcohol is hotly debated.
Relocating them is tantamount to enabling them further.
For a rank amateur to accomplish a performance without breaking down in the vast finale was tantamount to a musical revolution.
But eating a baked potato is tantamount to eating a cupful of sugar.
For this reason, he has spent much of his time in conditions tantamount to solitary confinement.
Working in this radical new medium was tantamount to drawing in space.
Any such forfeiture shall be tantamount to a finding of guilty.
To do so is tantamount to voluntarily testifying as a character witness.
Tantamount to our mission is to provide for community, employee and inmate safety.

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