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Example sentences for tantalizing

The often truncated fragments that survive can be tantalizing.
They emerged with tantalizing clues, a scientific first, and lots of unanswered questions.
Preserved pigment cells in these six feather barbs lend tantalizing clues to color.
There are tantalizing hints that our universe has already survived such a collision-and bears the scars to prove it.
Mining the ocean is a tantalizing idea that never seems to die.
But the food predictions of yesterday are as tantalizing as ever.
Still, the glutamate system can give us a tantalizing glimpse.
Some tantalizing clues suggested otherwise, however.
Happily, the scientific method gives some tools to get some tantalizing glimpses of her incredible complexity and sublime beauty.
It makes for a dramatic read, but it also obscures a few tantalizing details.
Their journey raised tantalizing possibilities-and a few troubling questions.
The bits and pieces that came out of those initial breaking news reports were tantalizing.
The painting also hinted at tantalizing possibilities.
The settings menu is perhaps more tantalizing than the app itself.
As the story unspools he plants three tantalizing details that point it toward a melodramatic climax.
His phrasing on both instruments and, in a tantalizing stretch, on flute was fitful but masterful.
At the same time, he refused to explicate the tantalizing scratches, letters and crosses that seemed to offer the viewer a text.
We offer full service event planning and catering, and provide you with tantalizing menus created by our award-winning chef.

Famous quotes containing the word tantalizing

Sebastian: Angel was like cognac, all fire in a glass. But you, you are like champagne. Sparkling, tantalizingmore
Woman—for example, look at her case! She turns tantalizing inviting glances on you. You seize her. No soo... more
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