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The elusive goal of gaining a natural tan without braving the sun or the tanning booth may be within reach.
Multi-million-dollar health clubs with tanning facilities, espresso bars, and lit palm trees.
His preparations for these photos included visits to tanning salons and beauty parlours.
Nowadays, donors and recipients are matched with remarkable precision, right down to tanning ability and hair texture.
It was chemical serendipity of billion-dollar proportions: a tanning drug with all the right side effects.
It has been proposed that getting a tan at a tanning salon should be taxed, similar to the taxes on cigarettes and alcohol.
He grew a beard and spent two months in a tanning salon, so that he would look the part.
The carroty hue of his skin suggests that either he is wearing makeup or he spends a little time at the tanning salon.
Traditional tanning processes produce considerable pollutants.
She began going to tanning salons before her freshman prom.
Exfoliation is also a must if you use a sunless tanning product to help ensure even coverage, he says.
The on-site activity room has games and puzzles, and the fitness and tanning center is open to all visitors.
The siblings who smoked and didn't wear sunscreen looked significantly older than those who avoided cigarettes and tanning.
Recently you've been tanning animal hides and now you're building your own outhouse.
Tanning bed owners and operators are regulated at both the state and federal level.
There are three basic stages that take a cow's hide from the cow to your sofa: tanning, dying and finishing.

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