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Due to the rapid increase in ship-borne trade, globalization favors large navies that protect trade and tanker routes.
Anyone wanting to make the journey would have to do so in a fuel tanker truck.
We buy this stuff at work in bulk, by the tanker load literally.
One of our tasks was to evaluate the role of the tanker aircraft likely to be available and of overseas bases worldwide.
These will continue to add up to a heavy toll on our environment, even if another oil tanker never spills at sea again.
At the moment you would have to pull a tanker trailer of hydrogen behind your car if you were going on a long trip.
Once in place, a steel pipe will then be attached to a tanker at the surface and connected to the top of the box to move the oil.
Add to the mix a car fire or an oil tanker explosion and the situation could become dire.
Then tanker ships could go directly to them and fill up.
These synthetic fuels could flow right into existing oil pipelines or be put aboard tanker ships bound for market.
Vital facilities line the threatened coast: tanker terminals, refineries, power and desalination plants.
Explain that this is what can happen when an oil tanker spills its oil into the ocean.
We listened as they wove threads of a sustainable future with the threats of impeding mega tanker traffic.
But the regulations have loopholes big enough to steer a tanker through.
Many of the best-known oil spills in history have resulted from tanker accidents, with the release of oil near the water surface.
The tanker development is but the latest twist in a plot that goes back nearly ten years.
But unlike oil, wind cannot be put in a tanker and shipped.
It has also been slow in dispatching tanker lorries along the empty highways north.
These heaters would keep the inner pipe from freezing and allow the oil to be pumped to the waiting oil tanker on the surface.
When a tanker wrecks, news crews flock to film gooey beaches and dying animals.

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I don't take no dive for nobody. Whaddya think I am, a tanker!... more
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