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Example sentences for tanked

Everyone tried to get as tanked as possible before entering the facility.
It would have been difficult to find a new job any year, but this was the year the economy tanked.
Many libraries are struggling to stay open, even as library usage has skyrocketed since the economy tanked.
Actually, it was the other way around: the financial mischief was exposed only after their stock prices tanked.
When the economy tanked, both went into a free fall.
First, the unexpected decline in housing prices tanked the subprime market.
Even when his plans tanked, he knew how to keep a buzz alive.
Merrill's shares tanked, its credit rating was cut and a deeply disgruntled board met to hammer out a response to the crisis.
Even as the rest of the market tanked, his fund's performance was flat.
Two of its largest and best known investments tanked.
As those two industries tanked, so did jobs and summer internships for graduates.
They might get sniffy with you, but realistically couldn't do much if you're not tanked or offensive.
As the economy tanked over the last couple of years, the wisdom of a college education became increasingly debated.
When the economy tanked, restaurants were the first to bear the brunt.
The film tanked, but the paisano didn't regret his overreaching.
The daytime television landscape is a graveyard of tanked talk shows.
Employment rates for new college graduates have tanked.
Water heater timer installed on tanked electric water heaters.
Prices for many commodities have tanked with the global economic decline.
Of course, since then the economy has completely tanked.
For some commodities, prices have recently peaked, while the prices for others have tanked.

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The novel can't compete with cars, the movies, television, and liquor. A guy who's had a good feed and tankedmore
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