tank top in a sentence

Example sentences for tank top

In amateur video taken at the shooting scene, the gunman appeared to have short hair and wore jeans and a white tank top.
The sparkling tank top and barely there short-shorts.
Then, in a bedroom, a brunette wearing a tank top points a gun at you.
Cut the tank top insulation to fit around the piping in the top of the tank.
The septic tank shall placed such that the tank top is level.
Applicants will not be permitted to wear any type of shorts, spandex clothing or tank top style shirts.
She was wearing only underwear bottoms and a tank top.
Also reduce the pumping rate when the fuel level is near the tank top to reduce the risk of flashover to parts of the roof.
Baffles shall be constructed the full width and height of the tank with a gap between the top of the baffle and the tank top.
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